Beckett Jude Rupp was born December 28, 2012 in Fort Wayne, IN to Jonathan & Leah Rupp (Jonathan is the son of Doug & Linda Rupp of Archbold, OH and Leah is the daughter of Steve & Carol Whiteley of Upland, IN).  He weighed 6lbs 10ozs and was 19in long.  This beautiful little boy was born with a heart defect known as “Hypo-plastic Left Heart Syndrome” (HLHS).  HLHS is a condition where the left side of Beckett’s heart isn’t able to adequately supply blood to his body.  It is treatable, but requires three open heart surgeries by age 2 (the first at birth, the second at 6-months, and the third at 2-years).  Beckett has undergone his first surgery and is still in recovery at a specialist hospital in Indianapolis, IN.  By the time Beckett was 15-days old he had already had 8-procedures.  Miraculously though, Beckett is getting better and God has been gracious to him.  We’re praying for God to continue to do His miracle work in Beckett’s life.

This is the story of Beckett Jude Rupp… (Watch Story of Beckett’s Journey)


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