February 3, 2013

UPDATE (2/3/13)

Better afternoon than morning. So, as Jonny mentioned in his post this morning Beckett was having a little trouble breathing when we first arrived. His oxygen was fine, but he looked as though he was working harder to breathe than he had been when the nurse first began her shift. They made multiple adjustments including, turning up the flow on his Vapotherm and putting his chest tube to suction. She also gave him a rescue dose of morphine. All of these things combined seemed to really help him, and before long he was resting comfortably. THe respiratory therapist put him on his tummy after his treatment to also help his lungs and he absolutely loved it. He slept that way for a few hours He was awake for a good amount today, completely wide eyed and looking around. He also seemed to really focus on the mobile once he saw it spinning above him. It was pretty cute just to see him stare at it. We also got to spend some time tonight just enjoying holding him, which I can never get enough of. Jonny makes fun of me every night because I have to say goodbye like five times before I can leave. It is still so strange to go at night and not take Beckett with us. One day soon. So, overall, Beckett had a good day, which we are extremely grateful for. We pray for good days to continue.

As you may know, Jonny’s mom has also been staying down here. She has said all along she was staying until Beckett was in the NICU, which now he is. So tonight she went home and will return on the weekends. She will be missed. Our families have been such a huge support and we couldn’t have done this without each and every one of them. The same is true for all the friends who have come alongside us during this time. The journey is far from over, and we are glad you are walking this path with us. — with Jonathan Rupp at St. Vincent Women’s Hospital.

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