February 12, 2013

UPDATE (2/12/13)

Beckett has had a good day. He had occupational therapy again today so lots more stretching. I have been working on them with him throughout the day and he is doing better than he was even this morning. He even moves his arms and fingers through increased range of motion all on his own. The therapy really seems to wear him out, but he consistently tolerates more and more.

It is really hard to believe Beckett is almost seven weeks old. He gets more alert and interactive each day. He is so attentive to those around him, especially if you talk to him, which he totally loves. He follows me all around the room with his eyes. He has such a little personality. He scowls at the nurses when they come in. He definitely knows they are going to mess with him. He gives them a “what do you think you are doing” look, and they all laugh at it. He spends a lot more time awake. He loves to be held and he loves his vibrating bouncy seat. He does not love having his diaper changed and he does not love bath time.

As you may have read earlier, Beckett was dressed for the first time today. Yeah for cute clothes! My mom brought down lots of little sleepers and comfy clothes so he has lots of options. When I came in to the room after shift change, the nurse even had him wrapped up in a blanket we brought. It seems so normal in such not normal circumstances.

Beckett has also been on the higher end of his oxygen for most of the day so they are most likely going to decrease his vapotherm in the morning. This is one step closer to having a simple nasal cannula. They also haven’t decreased his methadone in a few days, so I wouldn’t be surprised if that happens tomorrow as well. That means a potentially difficult day. We pray for Beckett’s continued progress, but also that is will be as easy for him as possible; progress with little to no pain or discomfort, and easy adjustment to change in treatment. We continue to take it one day at a time, and are grateful for each day we share with our son, relishing in the simple joys as well as the big ones. We continue to follow where God is taking us on this journey and look forward to all he has in store for us. https://heartofbeckett.com/ — with Jonathan Rupp at St Vincent Women Hospital.

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