February 21, 2013

“I was comfy”

"I was comfy"

4 thoughts on “February 21, 2013

  1. Barb Rupp says:

    Beckett I am praying for you many times a day so glad you are coming along so far can you believe i typed this myself? HA Iam at a friends house. I HOpe to see you soon.LOVE you all. Great grandma Rupp.

  2. judith says:

    Just talked to jonathon… so thankful for the update. Beckett is absolutely beautiful. I know your way has been difficult but stay happy for the little steps… You are in my prayers

  3. renata jackson says:

    So grateful to read your day!! Thank you for posting. I feel like I’m getting to know little Beckett already!!

  4. Sabine Krueger Abbitt says:

    Just found your blog site and have read every word. I use to babysit for Jonathon. I now live in Zionsville (about 15 minutes from St.Vs) and work in the NICU at Riley. Beckett is a beautiful baby and obviously has two amazing parents. If you ever need a place to get away or if Doug or Linda need a place to stay, please give me a call. I have plenty of room. (Though Linda knows I am not much of a cook). Will keep you all in my prayers. 317-697-8108.

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