March 13, 2013

Sorry this didn’t get posted last night. Had trouble with the internet.

UPDATE (3/12/13)
What a great day for Beckett! Praise the Lord! When my mother-in-law, Linda, and I arrived this morning, Beckett was wide-awake lying calmly in his bed staring at his mobile like he loves to do. His nurse had already changed his PICC dressing so that it would be out of the way. This was literally the only procedure he had to endure today. Other than routine assessments every three hours and diaper changes, he wasn’t messed with at all. It is about time that boy got a day of rest. I could not be more grateful that he was finally able to take multiple long naps. He was awake for hours this morning perfectly content in his bed (we are not allowed to hold him right now due to his fresh chest tube). Grandma Linda did give him some “exercise” three times today. She would sit him up in the bed, let him look around, and talk to him about the animals on his mobile. She is already teaching him colors and animal sounds. She held him up like that for what had to be at least an hour each time, normally until her hand went numb. I told her she is going to have one really big forearm because she only uses the left one. Ha Ha. He would eventually get tired and drift gently off to sleep. She then laid him down and he would sleep for hours.

This evening when we returned to his room he was once again awake. He was so happy. He had a sweaty head so I washed his head and face, along with his hands and feet. We changed his bed linens and his clothes. He was so comfortable once everything was freshened up. They also weighed him tonight. Are you ready for this…Beckett weighs 8 pounds 15 ounces! And Saturday night when they measured his length he was 22.5 inches long. He is getting so big! When people haven’t seen him for a while, one of the first things they comment on is how big he is, and how chubby his cheeks are. We have been told one of the best things to do for surgery number two is to grow him. We are definitely working on that.

Just so you know, we love visitors. Yesterday we were able to see our friend Rachael from the PICU, and today our friend Karol from the PICU came. It is always so good to see them and catch up. We miss them over there, and while I would love for Beckett not to endure any more surgeries, it is inevitable, and we will be back hanging out in the PICU with all our friends before we know it this summer.

There was lots of good news today. So far, as we may have mentioned already, all of Beckett’s recent cultures have come back negative. That is absolutely wonderful! He still has a small pleural effusion, but the chest tube should continue to drain that out. His breathing continues to be relaxed, and the Dr. said he even looked more comfortable today than yesterday.

So before bedtime Grandma Linda once again had him sitting up and enjoying a different view. It wasn’t long before he started getting sleepy. The nurse began tucking him in, and he was rubbing his eyes and everything. Within minutes he had fallen asleep. It is comforting to know he sleeps so well, and I pray it is truly restful for him. It is so wonderful to see how good he looks when he was so sick just a week ago. I don’t think we will ever know all the ways God has answered our prayers, but I simply look at my son, and I know he has heard them. God is in the midst of this. God is in control of this. We are walking in the assurance that this journey has been perfectly planned for us, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

— with Jonathan Rupp at st Vincents womens hospital.

One thought on “March 13, 2013

  1. Praise our Merciful God for such wonderful news. I am a member of E-Free in Gaylord and have been following lil Beckett’s story. Our family (including my three kids) pray each night for him and you and Jonathan (also my 6 yr olds name). May God continue to watch over, comfort, strengthen , and keep you all close.
    In Christ,
    Melissa Leckner

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