May 28, 2013

UPDATE (5/28/13)

Happy Five Month Birthday Beckett!! It is hard to believe my baby boy is already five months old. As long as these days have been, they have gone by so quickly, and I can only imagine how much faster they will continue to be. Sometimes I walk in his room and expect to see a 6 pound 10 ounce newborn. Other times I can barely remember him being that small. It seems so unreal when we talk about things like teething or rolling over. Yes, rolling over. The therapist today said he is doing a lot of the motions that lead to rolling over. These seem like simple things, but since Beckett has had to lie in a bed for most of his life, he is behind in a lot of ways. He is catching up, and we are diligently working to help him. When normal things come along, it is pretty exciting, and unbelievable at the same time. He is going to need a bigger crib if he starts rolling over. ☺

Beckett has had a very good day. He had a hiccup through the night. They were out of one of the syringes to draw his labs through the night so they had to do a heel stick. His gas did not look so good so they turned his VapoTherm up to five liters. They were able to find a box of the syringes this morning, and Beckett’s gas looked beautiful. Therefore, they turned the VapoTherm back down to four liters. His breathing has looked better today, and cardiology said he is looking really good. They are pleased with where he is. They are going to continue to make small changes one at a time as long as Beckett continues making forward progress. I am so thrilled he is doing well and proud of the fight in him.

Today was a quiet day, and my mom and sisters were able to come for a visit. Beckett was very happy on the whole today. At one point this afternoon I looked over at him and could tell he had woken up because his arms were no longer above his head, but he was quietly playing with his hands. He hadn’t made a sound, he had just gently woken up and was calmly and contently keeping himself occupied in his bed. He played a lot with his toys. He was full of smiles and love, constantly reaching out to touch my face. It is an indescribable feeling when he reaches to rest his hand on my cheek or play with my nose and mouth. I can never get enough. I am overwhelmed with love for that little boy. I would spend the rest of my life in the hospital if it meant sharing each day with him. I continue to pray for Beckett’s complete healing and believe with all my heart his day will come. We continue to patiently wait. His day is on its way. God has given us five beautiful and life changing months. As I celebrate Beckett’s five months of life, especially since there were many times we didn’t know if this day would come, I am grateful for every moment we have been through. Even when the days were long and hard, Beckett was breathing and his heart was beating. Five months later, he is still breathing and his heart is still beating. I pray God blesses him, and us, with many, many more years to come. He is faithful. Happy Birthday Sweet Baby!

— with Jonathan Rupp at Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health.

3 thoughts on “May 28, 2013

  1. Such a sweet post. I re-read it several times just because it made me smile and thankful for those precious moments you had with Beckett today. Praying with you in earnest for Beckett and for you all.

  2. Doris Wallace says:

    And a blessed and happy birthday to you, Beckett, and we daily pray for many, many more!How wonderful to read the encouraging notes and realize that not only does his family feel the blessing, but those of us who have never seen him feel it as well!! Way to go, little man, you won’t ever know how your life has touched us! Neighbor

  3. child of God says:

    Nice!! Happy 5 month Beckett!!
    Praying and praying. 🙂

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