June 17, 2013

UPDATE (6/17/13)

Well I made it back down to Indy, ready for a busy week I’m sure. The official NICU move is Wednesday, and people are anxiously waiting. I have no doubt there are nerves on both sides, but I am excited to be a part of such a monumental transition, and can’t wait to enjoy the newness for a few weeks. It will be short lived because we will move yet again once Beckett has his surgery in two weeks. That is crazy to say!

Beckett was pretty good today, awake and playing with daddy when I arrived. He was so happy until he got tired and then he just whined and whined. It was about this time a few of his old nurses arrived for a visit. As always it was great to visit with them and for them to spend time just loving on Beckett. He even showed off a little with his new trick. He does raspberries all the time. If you do it back to him he just does it over and over. It is so cute! I love watching all the new things he is learning, especially despite all the reasons he has not to.

Jonny went home tonight after dinner to finish up his internship and be back Wednesday for the move. So I returned to Beckett’s room, and waited to give him his nightly bath. He had fallen asleep when we left for dinner, and he normally wakes up around eight. So, I sat and wrote in my journal, patiently waiting. It was not long before I realized I kept dozing off in the chair because the alarms from outside the room kept waking me up. I decided to go ahead and leave for the night around nine because Beckett was still sound asleep. I was so glad he was sleeping so well. He had a busy day and didn’t sleep hardly at all. I guess bath time is on the nurse tonight if she wants to.

Not a whole lot of changes going on recently. We seem to be in maintenance mode because there isn’t really a reason to push him on a lot of things if they will all just change in two weeks with surgery. There is always the adjusting of med doses, but other than that not too much. Today they did change his formula back to what he was on prior to last week. His reflux has been maybe a little better, but not significantly enough to outweigh the loose stools that are causing his bottom to get raw. So, change the formula, cream on the bottom, and hopefully it will clear up soon.

These next two weeks will mainly be filled with loving on Beckett as much as we can, and allowing him to get as strong as possible. Big things are coming and we all need to be ready. I am so grateful God has brought us to this point, and look forward to the days ahead!

— with Jonathan Rupp at Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health.

2 thoughts on “June 17, 2013

  1. Jamika Mitchell says:

    Keep up the good work, you guys are Awesome!!!!

  2. Prayers, and more prayers being lifted up on Beckett’s behalf. Glad you’re back with Beckett and praying for Jonny as he is away from you now. Keep hanging in there.

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