September 6, 2016

This little rascal did GREAT today. He’s a little sleepy, but the doc said he looks really good and should be completely ready for October 5th.

3 thoughts on “September 6, 2016

  1. Holloway, Cindy says:

    Good to hear!!
    Happy Birthday to Leah!

  2. Bernadette Giacona says:

    thank you Jesus

  3. Sharon Crigger-Stokan says:

    Nothing tugs at your heart strings like times like these. While we have confidence in our God, the human part of us can’t help but have anxiety. So happy that everything went well and that Beckett is set for his 3rd (and praying last surgery). He is such a remarkable little miracle! You all are in my prayers daily…and often times multiple times a day as our Heavenly Father brings you to my mind. Thanks for keeping us up to date…and thank you Heavenly Father for being with Beckett, his mom and dad and for this good report! Amen!

    Happy belated birthday, Leah!!

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