January 10, 2013

UPDATE (1/10/13)

Beckett had another good night last night, which is awesome! Today they will begin to ‘aggressively’ wean him off of Ecmo. As they are optimistic to wean successfully throughout the day and night, they are projecting to take Beckett off of Ecmo tomorrow morning. (here is where the news becomes more challenging to process) They are fairly confident that they will know by tomorrow morning if Beckett can do this on his own….or not. If he cannot, there is really nothing more they can do for him. We are asking for a miracle and are pressing deep into our faith praying Matthew 6:10. Please join us (as many of you have) during these critical hours leading into tomorrow morning. Thank you friends (and Family) for everything, this has been a crazy journey…but we aren’t done yet (and won’t be for another 70-80 years!). I love you, Beckett! — with Leah ‘Whiteley’ Rupp at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital.

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