January 11, 2013

UPDATE (1/11/13) -again-

Sooo, they did end up closing Beckett’s chest this morning after successfully taking him off of Ecmo, which was both extremely exciting and very scary all at the same time. After spending considerable time in his room with him afterwards hearing many good reports, one of the Docs suddenly came in the room already on the phone with the surgeon. Upon hanging up, she explained that they feel it’s necessary to reopen Beckett’s chest again. This was certainly not the news we were hoping to hear (in fact, this is quite discouraging). Though we are trying to hang on to the good news of pulling Ecmo off Beckett this morning, we are now ‘grieving’ the most recent news of reopening his chest. It’s hard not to perceive this as a step backwards. Clearly I was eager to share the ‘great’ news with y’all this evening, but unfortunately it is now packaged with this minor setback. Thanks again for hanging in there with us. Much Love… — with Leah ‘Whiteley’ Rupp at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital.

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