January 11, 2013

UPDATE (1/11/13)

Leah and I woke up bright-n-early this morning to take some time to pray, read some scripture, listen to some worship music and journal. We just sat in Beckett’s room just waiting….and waiting, and waiting. Leah and I had to leave briefly for individual reasons in which I then returned to see Beckett’s room full of Doctors and Nurses. They saw me in the hallway and said, ‘we just clamped him off…we’re testing him right now’. I then text Leah to get back to his room ASAP and that they just ‘clamped’ his Ecmo. After minutes of just standing in the room with all the Docs just staring at Beckett’s monitors, the lead Doc turned to us and said, ‘looks like he is going to be ok’. ….whew…. Though I still feel on edge, we are being told that he will be taken off Ecmo today!!! Additionally, they may even close his chest (but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there). Thank you all for the prayers and support (as always). Though today is far from over, we couldn’t be more thrilled with how it is starting (please keep praying for a ‘milestone’ day)! ….what a stud! — with Leah ‘Whiteley’ Rupp at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital.

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