January 12, 2013

UPDATE (1/12/13)

I surely hope this is my only update for the day, because Beckett is (and has) been doing well today…and we obviously want it to stay that way. To be specific, we did wake with news that he had a bit of a temperature throughout the night, but that was gone by mid-morning. He is also being slowly weaned off of some of his medicine (beginning with Dopamine…which they just now finished weaning him from…yay!). We continue to yearn and pray for a calm weekend with ‘hopes’ to possibly try to close his chest again (officially) on either Monday or Tuesday. I actually wasn’t even going to post an update (other than the precious picture earlier) because there really hasn’t been much going on (which is fantastic!). Please continue to pray for continual healing (as I know many of you are) and a relaxing/chill weekend. Goodnight y’all…have a good evening! (and if you get the chance, check out those ‘Matt Hammitt videos’ I posted earlier…what an amazing encouragement that was to us) — with Leah ‘Whiteley’ Rupp at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital.

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