January 13, 2013

UPDATE (1/13/13)

Yet another quiet day (Praise. The. Lord.)! With all that we have experienced thus far, it was very difficult to not be ‘on edge’ all day today (and this weekend) thinking that at any moment they will be giving us bad news. I know that is a horrible mindset, so we do actively fight against it by singing praise and giving thanks to God for every moment we have with Beckett. Beckett has had such a great weekend (thus far), that we are being told that they may even try again to close his chest as early as tomorrow. As you all have probably learned by now, ‘we’ll cross that bring when we get there’ with how quickly things/information changes around here. So grateful for ALL of your support. We are just so humbled by everyone seeking out ways to help and even spreading the word of our lil Beckett. He truly is a miracle baby (you should hear the doctors and nurses talk about him), he’s our amazing son, and we love him so much. Can’t wait to show him off someday soon! — with Leah ‘Whiteley’ Rupp at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital.

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