January 15, 2013

UPDATE (1/15/13)

Beckett moved rooms again today…we’re getting a tour of the entire hospital (it seems like). 😉 We are being told that this was a good thing. They have moved us closer to the nurses station, and we now have a nurse who takes care of Beckett, AND the room next door. It’s nice not being such a ‘priority’ any longer, but it’s all the more nerve-racking to not have a nurse constantly by his side anymore. He now has a feeding tube in his nose and is beginning to ‘eat’. Also, tomorrow morning is kind of a big-deal because they are officially doing an MRI on his brain due to the complications they had a few weeks ago with the lack of oxygen to his brain during his cardiac arrest after his initial surgery. Please pray for good results. We really are progressing, but I feel as if the anxiety-rush and adrenaline from the last few weeks are starting to wear off because Leah and I aren’t sleeping very well and everyone keeps commenting as to how tired we look (thanks). We are thankful, however, for the progress and are loving every moment we are blessed with our son. Family is officially heading home and going back to work, but take note that if anyone wants to visit…they are locking down all pediatric hospitals in Indiana from anyone under 18 years old to even enter the building (something to do with flu-season). Thanks again everyone….you all are amazing! Go Beckett! — with Leah ‘Whiteley’ Rupp at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital.

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