January 18, 2013

UPDATE (1/18/13)

Wow, what a morning! Beckett had a great night last night. When we went to bed his numbers looked great. I even checked on him again at around 4:30am, and he was still rockin’ it. We got to his room at around 9:30am this morning to find his heart rate racing as high as 280bpm. They said he just started to do that about 3 minutes before we got in his room. Within minutes it seemed like all the Doctors, Specialists, Nurses and even Administrative Staff were in Beckett’s room as we were explained that they want to try to shock his heart back into a normal rhythm….I think that kind of sent us over the edge. As we walked out of his room in hysterics, we waited in the ‘family room’ just crying, praying, and longing for good results. They eventually came to explain that they did shock him twice, but it didn’t seem to work. They are now administering maximum doses of medicine (AmioDARONE) to help with this erratic rhythm. He is now back to a somewhat normal rhythm, but our emotions are still a lil shipwrecked. We are justifiably ‘on-edge’ right now, but the plan is still to just wait for a few days, praying for no outbreaks and a consistent rhythm. I’m sorry to enable the emotional roller coaster with this update, but our reality right now is far from stable. Thank you again for the consistent support and prayer….our God is so much greater than this and is already using Beckett’s life in amazing ways (we literally KNOW that to be true already)!

‘Thank you Lord for another minute with our son. I promise to never take him for granted.’ — with Leah ‘Whiteley’ Rupp at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital.

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