January 23, 2013

UPDATE (1/23/13) -goodnight-

What a great day, and a great ‘win’ (did y’all see our pic from this morning?)! We are only a few hours away from our ’12 hour window’ (which is just a general timeframe), and Beckett is rocking it. In fact, the nasal cannula has continually fallen out of his nose the past few hours and he’s still holding strong stats on his own. Similar to when he was taken off Ecmo, I’m nervous to go to sleep tonight without his ventilator….but I really do think he’ll be just fine. This has yet been another great milestone for lil Beckett…and I am genuinely so thrilled and proud of his progress! Go Beckett!!

[Please keep praying for Henry (our new friend’s son) who is battling Leukemia. They have received word that all traces of his Leukemia are gone(!), but they are now fighting an allergic reaction and he is still struggling to successfully Extubate. Great news about the Leukemia – Frustrating/Discouraging news about the other issues. Thanks.] — with Leah ‘Whiteley’ Rupp at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital.

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