January 25, 2013

UPDATE (1/25/13) -goodnight-

As mentioned in my post earlier today, Beckett was put back on some medication to help support his heart function and wean his pain medication a little less aggressively. This (so far) has successfully given Beckett a pretty decent day. PTL

This seems to be our general theme for each weekend, but once again the game plan for this weekend is to hopefully just chill and be as uneventful as possible. Beckett needs to continue to gain his strength and become more and more acclimated to breathing without the ventilator. Please pray for boring updates 😉 this weekend and continual progress!

I must conclude with a brief update of our friends here and their son Henry. We were informed that Henry pulled out his ventilator tube last night, which was kind of crazy news, BUT he was handling it ok, so they left him off it nearly all day until a few hours ago when they had to quickly reintubate him. Though that is certainly discouraging news, he WAS successfully extubated for many hours today. Though frustration is a natural emotion, please pray for peace and confidence that this was progress, just slow moving.

Thanks everyone, have a great night and a great weekend! — with Leah ‘Whiteley’ Rupp at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital.

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