January 26, 2013

UPDATE (1/26/13)

-I’ve got skillz-

This was amazing! Beckett is not only using his pacifier (which is a huge deal!), but this picture shows him ‘holding’ it in place. We are being told that it isn’t necessarily uncommon for children with Beckett’s ‘condition’ to not really figure out how to properly ‘suck’ (beginning with a pacifier…with hopes to eat orally) until they are upwards to a year old. Beckett is just showing off now! 😉

And I know we keep harping on how cute he is, but we heard once again this evening from one of his nurses that its been a long time since they’ve had a baby as cute as Beckett!

It’s safe to say, we are proud parents and happy for yet another uneventful day.


One thought on “January 26, 2013

  1. Terry and Dixie Henricks says:

    Jonathan & Lea, We are in Florida, but my daughter told me about this website and just want you to know you and little Beckett have been in our prayers since the day of his birth. So glad to see that he is growing stronger everyday! Just know that we will continue to pray for all of you as you go through this journey. Stand on God’s promises, they never fail! Love in Him, Terry and Dixie Henricks

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