January 29, 2013

UPDATE (1/29/13)

I must first begin by apologizing for not posting an update yesterday evening. Two nights ago I went to sleep with a little headache and woke up yesterday morning with an even worse one (I hate it when that happens). Unfortunately the headache did not go away and I ended up going to bed last night at around 9:00pm.

…but enough with the excuses, on to the UPDATE:

Beckett had little episodes here and there yesterday, nothing too crazy, but it definitely seemed a lil more severe than just “typical baby crying”. Late last night, Leah and the nurse concluded that he may not have had his chest tube drained at all throughout the day because the nurse from last night drained 36ml of fluid in one sitting (which isn’t a lot per say, but “a lot” in one sitting due to his positive trending of less and less fluid in his chest). As soon as the fluid was drained, he nearly immediately fell asleep, and his breathing was less labored.

He’s having a new “PICC” line put in right now as I type, and this is a “good” thing. He has a “Central Line” in his groin that they want to pull out, and we are being told that his “PICC” line is just another step toward the direction of heading to the NICU. He really is doing “good” (#perspective), but he is still very “sick”. As you can tell, though, from the pics and videos, he really is just the sweetest and cutest thing ever!

Now, onto the last few announcement/updates. We are still “trending” to be transferred to the NICU by the end of this week! Yay! Though I’m not overly anxious because I’d rather us be 100% sure he’s ready than rush anything (gotta trust the Docs on that one though). My Grad-School classes begin again this week, and I just found out we have an assignment due on our first day of class (“Dr. Gaier Shout-Out” ;-)), so my mind has had some time to start thinking about all that’s still going on outside of the hospital (mortgage, school, bills, apple stock dropping ;-), etc, etc). We are eager for this next chapter, but know that there are many more chapters to write before this story concludes (“one-step-at-a-time”). Thanks again for all the prayer and support (as always)…we can feel it, and so greatly appreciate it….you have no idea!!

And lastly, announcing Beckett’s own personal website in which my Facebook Update, Leah’s Facebook Posts, Pictures, Videos, etc will be posted for anyone outside of our “Facebook Bubble” to follow the story. I think the link is awfully fitting, as we have chosen the domain name https://heartofbeckett.com/ . Please feel free to pass this link around and share Beckett’s story with anyone you want. I’m proud to be his Dad, and I’m proud of his Mom. We are surrounded by amazing family and friends! Bless you all!! — with Leah ‘Whiteley’ Rupp at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital.

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