January 31, 2013

UPDATE (1/31/13)

-Mission Accomplished-

Beckett is officially transferred to the St. Vincent Women’s Hospital NICU (just a few blocks away from where we’ve been). His stats look great, and he’s even starting to get his voice back a little (it’s really cute).

My grad-school classes began again today, and I officially got a taste of what it may look and feel like this semester to be in class and not with my son. Don’t worry, I only cried in both my classes (one much worse than the other). It was kind of embarrassing, but my cohort and professors are the best, and have been very patient and compassionate with me. I’m hoping this intense emotional distress may balance out as the semester unfolds…but until then, uh oh. 😉 My classmates may be in for a nice sappy treat. :-\

Now that we are no longer at the PICU, we also don’t have ‘free’ housing anymore. Our housing situation will need to be assessed and strategized this weekend…but we are confident something will work out. We do qualify for 2 free nights a week here at a hotel that is in conjunction with the hospital, so that should help a lot!

Ok, enough about us and more about the ‘Star of the Show’. This step is sincerely really substantial in Beckett’s immediate journey. It’s very scary to no longer be at the PICU (another ‘crutch’ and comfort zone for us), but we really are in good hands over here at the NICU…and it’s honestly not like they’ve never seen a patient like Beckett before (but I bet it’s been a while since they’ve had a patient as cute as him ;-)).

Well anyways, that’s the update for tonight. It’s been a long day…but it’s been a good day. I’ve gotta personally thank my Taylor family for all your support and encouragement today. It was really great to see y’all again!

I’ll post again in the morning…and if you aren’t reading this post from https://heartofbeckett.com/ don’t forget to check it out and pass it along. I’m not ashamed, and I’m quite proud of my son’s story! He’s ‘the man’….and I truly can’t wait for many of you to meet him!

goodnight — with Leah ‘Whiteley’ Rupp at St Vincent Womans Hospital.

3 thoughts on “January 31, 2013

  1. Linda Rupp says:

    Graduation update for Beckett was great
    Praise be to God!!!

  2. Chris says:

    Tears of joy are running down my cheeks. You don’t know me, but I have been following Beckett’s story through my friends Josh and Julia Rupp. Sending my prayers up for him with all the other Saints…. like incense before the Lord. It would be a blessing to me to be able to pay for a night in the hotel – wish I could buy a house for you nearby your sweet baby. How can we contribute?

    • Chris, that woul be great. Feel free to contribute how you feel The Lord is leading, and I certainly trust and suggest you offer your support through Joshua and Julia until the giving portion of the website is completely up and running (hopefully sometime soon!). Thank you so much, Chris!!!

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