February 7, 2013

UPDATE (2/7/13)

Today has been a good day. Busy, but good. This morning Beckett had an ultrasound of his groin and legs from where his central line used to be. He had developed a clot but was already being treated with blood thinners due to the clot in his brain. Therefore, they have just been keeping an eye on it, making sure it isn’t occluding the vessel. So far it hasn’t been. This morning’s ultrasound showed it is looking slightly better, so that is good. They were also going to take his chest tube out this afternoon since he hasn’t had any recent drainage. The hematologist recommended waiting until tomorrow morning so that two doses of his Lovenox (blood thinner) could be held prior to the removal. However, this evening, the drainage around the insertion site had turned from brownish to greenish and the nurse just wasn’t happy with it. It definitely looked infected. She said she would have the doctor look at it. When we returned to the room after shift change, the chest tube was removed! What a huge step for Beckett! Not only is that one less tube he has, but it removes the site of possible infection, as well as moving him one step closer to starting feeding by mouth. Another note on feeding, Beckett has been doing so well with his feedings being in his stomach that they changed him from continuous feeds to feeding him a larger amount over three hours and then turning it off for one hour. This moves him closer to bolus feeds. So he is heading in the right direction. They also changed his PICC (IV) dressing. This is a sterile procedure, so they had him all covered in drapes. He was sweating so badly he broke out in a rash and all his tape and other dressings were sweating off. He really was a “hot mess”. Once they got him settled, he cooled off, the rash went away, and we were able to get all his “accessories” redressed. Daddy also came back tonight. After a very long day of classes, he gets to spend the next few days here with us. He is actually spending time holding his son as I type, a good thing for both of them! Beckett has also been pretty pale and very tired today. I had a feeling he might need some blood, and was going to ask what his latest labs were, but when the doctor came in, he said they were going to transfuse him. That whole “mother’s instinct” thing never ceases to amaze me. So he is getting blood, and he already seems more alert than he was earlier today. Beckett and I also had a very special treat this afternoon. Two very special nurses from the PICU came over to visit! So great to see them again. Boy do we miss everyone over there. They quickly became like family!

Also, I wanted to give a quick update on Henry. Big news! He is in remission!! Praise the Lord! He still has some chemo to do since his cancer is a very aggressive one, but what an answer to prayer. Also, he has been peeing, which means his kidneys are working again! His trach is healing, and he has been off the ventilator most of the day. Prayers are needed as he too is going through withdrawal from sedation medications and it is causing him not to sleep, along with other things. Also please pray that he is safe from infection as he basically has no immune system. The Wooten’s are a very dear family and they helped Jonny and I through some very dark days. We ask that you continue to remember them in your prayers. Thanks for caring for both our boys!

https://heartofbeckett.com/ — with Jonathan Rupp at St. Vincent Women’s Hospital.

2 thoughts on “February 7, 2013

  1. Linda Rupp says:

    OF MY FATHERS” Daniel 2:23

  2. Joshua Rupp says:

    That’s an amazing report! ..so proud of the little guy and so grateful for God’s strength to uphold you all. (and also Henry!) ..grace and peace to you!

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