February 11, 2013

UPDATE (2/11/13)
I’ve been playing a ‘mean joke’ on Leah lately. Honestly, its not a ‘joke’, but she gets upset with me because it makes her cry each time. Let me explain: we begin each morning together (when I am able to be down here with them) doing devotions. Our devotions involve the reading of some scripture together, we read the devotional ‘Jesus Calling’, and my new addition of Leah’s journal entry 1 month ago from today’s date. This new addendum inevitably evokes emotion for the both of us. It’s been a great reminder, though, of just how far we’ve come already.
Beckett is doing well. He has busy days of therapy, adjustments of medications, adjustments of VapoTherm settings, in addition to quality time with us (the favorite part of his day! ;-)).
I am, unfortunately, heading back home later this evening for class in the morning. You would think that by now maybe this would be getting a little easier……nope. Just as hard each time, and I’m pretty sure I’ve cried each time. But this is our reality, and we will approach it one day at a time. Please pray for Leah, however, as she will be here by herself for the next few days.
Thanks everyone for following so closely. We certainly ‘feel the love’! Stay tuned for further updates to come from Leah these next few days.

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