March 1, 2013

UPDATE (3/1/13)
As you may have already seen, we posted earlier today a video my brother put together of Beckett’s journey from birth to about 1 month of age. We actually just celebrated yesterday his 2 month birthday and cannot believe howmuch this little champ has conquered in his young little life.
We had a few great visitors today that definitely brightened our day (and I’m sure Beckett’s as well). Dr. Kay stopped in again (2 days in a row now) and just had to hold him again…we expect her daily now- 😉 j/k -but once you’ve seen him, you gotta have more! 🙂 She reaffirmed us how great he is looking and that she certainly hopes we get to go home soon. She’s a huge comfort to Leah, and I really appreciate how direct she is, yet done with great poise. One of Beckett’s nurses from the PICU stopped in later this evening and hadn’t seen Beckett since we left the PICU. She got to hold him for a bit, and it felt like ‘old-times’ again when things were going well in the PICU. She was yet another fantastic nurse that really related to us at our level, yet we had great confidence in her ability to take care of our son (which says a lot with Leah’s nursing background and Beckett’s known complexity). Thanks Ori. We are making good friends here at the NICU, but we certainly miss all our friends/nurses/doctors over at the PICU. But we’ll be back ‘soon’ for Beckett’s second surgery…he’ll be so big and strong by then (June/July 2013)! 🙂
Beckett tried the bottle again today, but didn’t seem to enjoy it as much today as he did yesterday. He seemed a little fussier and even a lil tired. But the speech language pathologist wasn’t that disappointed and said that there could be a number of things that are contributing to that, and that we’ll just try again tomorrow.
Beckett seemed extra tired today, but it wasn’t alarming. He is also becoming more and more vocal which is actually quite encouraging. We are very pleased with his progress, and are more and more excited to hopefully take him home sometime ‘soon’. I desperately desire a better sense of normalcy and routine…..but all in good time…..and whenever Beckett is ready.
Lastly (and I’ve been meaning to write about this for a while now), we had a dear friend of ours write a little story, like for a kids book, about Beckett and his heart. It. Is. Adorable. So precious. So we are actually (in all of our spare time ;-)) looking into what it would/could take to get it illustrated and possibly even published (or at the very least printed a bunch of times). Then we were thinking of possibly selling it (or maybe optional donation) to anyone interested for Beckett’s Fund. Soooo, stay tuned for that. It truly is a beautiful little story.
Love you all. We are 2 months into this journey, and so many of you have not wavered and are diligently supporting us and Beckett each step if the way…and we are just sooo humbled. Thank you so much, and please hang in there with us. The support has been greatly encouraging!

— with Leah ‘Whiteley’ Rupp atst Vincents womens hospital.

and, and, and…….HE’S OVER 8 LBS!!!
(can’t believe I nearly forgot that)

One thought on “March 1, 2013

  1. Doris Wallace says:

    Debi and I are following that precious boy’s progress and telling friends and family that if they want to experience a blessing like no other, look and read about Beckett. (Our blue ribbon is going up today!) Beckett is high priority on our prayer list, as are his mom and dad. Remember that He holds Beckett in the palm of His hand and smiles at him constantly.
    Love and blessings from your neighbors….Doris & Deb

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