April 9, 2013

UPDATE (4/9/13)

An interesting day…

As soon as I finished my responsibilities at school today, I drove right back down to Indy. After texting Leah a cute pic of Beckett with the caption “Hi Mom! I’m sleeping good. I miss you!”, she was pleasantly surprised at how quick I was back by his side. I knew it would make her feel better if I could manage to get back down to him as-soon-as-possible….and I was right.

I slept horrible last night and remained in a state of limbo between awake and asleep until well after 3:00am. All I could keep thinking was, “this is gonna ‘hurt’ tomorrow”. Sure enough it did. I say that because I think I’m starting to get sick. My nose is runny, I’m sneezing more often then normal, and I keep clearing my throat way too frequently. This made today even more miserable as I could only (for Beckett’s sake) stand by Beckett’s bed and talk to him (often with my hand in front of my mouth). I didn’t realize just how much I enjoyed touching my son and rubbing his head until it was “taken” from me. But all is well as I peer across the room right now and watch my beautiful wife hold my precious son. It just warms my heart.

Some announcements/updates:

We were informed today that the current plan for tomorrow is for Beckett to have a HIDA-Scan. This is in reference to his increasing bilirubin. They need to see if everything is working well in/around his kidneys, gall bladder and pancreas. This involves a trip back over to Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital. Though we are thrilled to possibly see some of our old friends from over there, we aren’t too excited for this transportation.
…for no particular reason…..just uneasy about it.

They weaned his fentanyl again today by .5 (first time in 5 days). So far he is handling it well, so we are very thankful for that. They are also eager to continue to increase his feeding. So far, for the most part, he is handling that well too. This is a really good thing for him, so please pray that this continues to increase at a rapid/healthy rate.

Sooooo, please:
-Pray for the transportation of Beckett.
-Pray for the hida-scan and the results.
-Pray for his bilirubin to go down.
-Pray for him to handle his weaning well.
-Pray for a safe/consistent increase in his feedings.
-Pray for the “care-conference” tomorrow at 3:00pm (that I’ve been talking about for the past week or so).
-Pray for my health
(these are just a few specifics for the day, we always appreciate pray for other-all health, for Leah, our marriage, for safe travels, etc, etc, etc…)

If you haven’t seen the picture I just recently posted, you must check it out. My son is just so darn cute. One day at a time…..Go Beckett, Go!


— with Leah ‘Whiteley’ Rupp at St. Vincent Women’s Hospital.

3 thoughts on “April 9, 2013

  1. Child of God says:

    Running on poor sleep is never fun, praying you feel better soon. Home made chicken soup really does work wonders for colds and flues, just a suggestion.

    Will be covering Beckett in all these areas and more.


  2. Thanks for the prayer list…helps us to to be specific. Be assured of our prayers! Have a reminder set on my phone for 3 pm. Keep hanging in there and we’ll keep praying!

  3. Blakes says:

    Dear Rupp family,
    I know you don’t know us from Adam, BUT Jennings was your neighbor at St. Vincent for a couple days. He got moved next door to you because he has been living in the NICU over two months now (station 7) and they needed the space for new infants coming in. I believe God put Jennings next to you so we could be aware of your situation so that we can pray specifically for you guys, and Beckett! Seeing his picture here; he is absolutely precious!!! What joy! Jennings is our third child, so having two at home, we’ve not been able to be with him as much as we’d like to be, plus, my husband travels regularly; makes things a little trickier. We know Jennings is getting excellent care at St. Vincent, as you well know, and also, we know the Lord is with him regardless of whether we are or not.
    Please know, we will be praying God’s will is done with little Beckett, and that God will give doctors wisdom in making these super critical decisions each day.
    God Bless,
    P.S. We no longer have our joint “personal” facebook account, but I do a little photography on the side and have a page called, “Chapters of Life Photography”. There, I have kept our family and distant friends up to date on Jennings situation, etc. I have only written two updates; one when he was brand new, and one today. If you find time to read them, we hope you are encouragement. 🙂

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