April 16, 2013

UPDATE (4/16/13)

My how I love good days. Today has been just that. A calm, quiet, wonderful day. Beckett spent a lot of the day sleeping, which is always good to allow his body to heal. When he wasn’t sleeping he was calm and peaceful in his bed smiling and playing. He also had multiple rounds of snuggle time with mommy. It is so fun to watch him be a normal baby. He is getting his voice back and making lots of baby noises. He also has some rings and rattles hanging over his bed and he played with them for quite some time this evening, just reaching out and grabbing them. It is so precious to see how he is developing. And already they are falling in love with him here. The nurse today told me people come in to visit just so they can look at him, and when the doctors handed off this evening they saw his pictures and literally all said awe! They thought he was adorable, which of course we do too!

The cardiologist came by today and said Beckett is looking really good. They are extremely pleased with how well he is responding to having his coarctation ballooned last Friday. So much so, they are weaning his milrinone and hope to have it off on Thursday. They then plan to do another echo to see if his heart is functioning better. They also decreased his vapotherm to 4 liters today, which is back to where he was before we came to Riley. At this point, all his meds but one are back to oral, which is awesome. His billirubin and liver enzymes have also come down a little more today, so they are hoping to pull the drain out tomorrow. He seems to be making great strides in the right direction, and we pray he continues down this road of progress. So, today was a day of positive and planned changes, and we are grateful for each one. He was even able to have clothes on again tonight. I know I have mentioned this before, but it truly does make a world of difference.

So, Beckett had a good day, and enjoyed all his playing. The nurse sang him songs and told him the story of Noah. Tuesdays are Ariana’s book cart day, where you get to pick a book to keep for you child. I picked a book about a busy helicopter and read it to him this afternoon. It was amazing to see him actually looking at the pages. He is such a good little boy, and I am truly blessed to have him for a son. We continue to pray for his healing, and that we are once again headed toward home.

— with Jonathan Rupp at Riley Children’s Hospital.

4 thoughts on “April 16, 2013

  1. Child of God says:

    Such a turnaround from a few days ago! Praising You Father and thanking You for touching Beckett. Please Lord, heal him all the way!!

    Continuing to pray and pray.

  2. Praising…praising…praising God for these good days of positive and planned changes that Beckett is experiencing. And ooooh so thankful for God giving you and Leah the blessings of the”little”, normal life happenings of parenthood that so often are taken for granted but are huge in the life of a parent. Holding him, dressing him, talking to him and seeing his responses, watching him explore his world with his eyes, reading to him, hearing his sweet baby sounds…praising God and continually lifting you all up in prayer. Way to go Beckett!

  3. Linda Rupp says:

    “I will exalt you, my God the King;
    I will praise your name for ever and ever
    Every day I will praise you and
    Extol your name for ever and ever
    Great is The Lord and most worthy of
    His greatness no one can fathom”
    Psa 145:1-3
    “The Lord is faithful to all His promises
    And loving toward all He has made”
    Psa 145:13b
    I love you Beckett but always remember
    That Jesus loves you MOST OF ALL!
    Grandma Linda

  4. Sharon Grandstaff says:

    So happy for you and Leah to enjoy some “normal” parent joys. Continuing to pray for Beckett’s healing and your and Leahs continued strength and peace. Our God is great and we praise Him.

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