May 12, 2013

UPDATE (5/12/13)

I’ll begin with a hefty, “Happy Mother’s Day!” to all you mothers out there. I’m not a mom, so I cannot (and will not) begin to try to relate to the bond you share with your children. However, I can respond from what I observe, and there is something “magical” between a mom and her child(ren). The way Beckett looks at Leah, how he perks up at the mere sound of her voice, how the comfort of her arms is incomparable to anyone who’s ever held him…it’s truly fascinating and wildly endearing. My wife unconditionally loves my son…and that love is unmistakably reciprocated.

I began today by reading Proverbs 31:10-30 to Leah. It’s amazing how many characteristics and attributes she embodies throughout this passage, she is genuinely “far more precious than jewels.” We then did our routine devotions which concluded with a few words of gratitude along with a gift for my mom, then a wrapped box of things I’ve gathered for Leah. There were flowers on the table (Gerbera Daisies…her favorite), a picture frame with a precious picture of Beckett smiling ear-to-ear, a book from Beckett to Mommy, and some other lil nicknacks I knew Leah had wanted. I had to do it up “well”, right? Today would have been a huge oversight for me if I would have somehow missed it, so I did my best to “do it right.” However, the beautiful thing about Leah is that I sincerely did not have to do any of that. She is truly an amazing women, a loving wife, and an incredible mother! I know it, she’s now reminded of it, and now through our fairly transparent lives, each of you have now seen it!

Happy Mother’s Day, Leah!
I love you!

Ok, ok…the sappy stuff is over. On to Beckett. As I type, Beckett is the lowest I’ve seen him in weeks on his oxygen support…..amazing! He’s currently at 38% support (we want 21, and have been as high as 70 within the past few days), and he’s holding saturations around 80 (we currently want anything between 70-85). This is all so very encouraging, and I’m very pleased with his current progress in addition to how well he is handling this past wean on Friday.

Sooo, today has been yet another good day! Praise.The. Lord. I was even able to step out of the room for a few hours to get some work done, and Leah had some quality mother/son time.

Leah just left a little bit ago, however, to spend some time with her family (particularly her Mom) and plans on working again tomorrow. This leaves me here holding down the fort once again…but I am experiencing liberty-of-the-mind to a degree I haven’t experienced for quite a few months. I got a lot done today, so I fully intend on spending some good time with Beckett tomorrow. Though anyone is still welcome to visit (nearly anytime), I won’t necessarily “need” any Beckett-Holder-Volunteers tomorrow 😉 as I will be willingly “assuming the position.” 🙂

Again, we are thrilled with Beckett’s progress. We clearly desire a prolonged path with no more bumps and no looking back, but we also continue to submit and understand that God is in full control and must remind ourselves that his sovereign plan will reign. We try to pray sincere prayers that welcome that plan, no matter how difficult it may be. May God receive all the glory and honor and praise through the journey of Beckett Jude Rupp.


— with Leah ‘Whiteley’ Rupp at Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health.

One thought on “May 12, 2013

  1. To God be the glory great things he has done and is doing! Continuing to pray and ask for God’s special blessing on Beckett and your family. we continue to pray for a miracle for Beckett while thanking God for these good days that Beckett has been having.

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