May 15, 2013

UPDATE (5/15/13)

Well, I officially had my last class earlier this morning. I also turned in my Final Draft of my first 3 chapters of my Thesis last night. I’m Done! This is a fantastic feeling of accomplishment. Soooo…….after finishing up my schooling I ran down to Indy to spend the rest of the day with Leah and Beckett. Leah said that Beckett was in his bouncy nearly all morning just sleeping. However, once I got there he woke up and was a little cranky and demonstrated that by desating a little on his oxygen. His oxygen support slowly got bumped up throughout the day and never really came back down. They weaned his fentanyl again today (so we are at .25) and decided not to increase the methadone again (this is what they did on Monday as well). Well, Leah and I think that he was beginning to show signs of withdrawal throughout the day; it was gradual, but noticeable none-the-less. This evening he was given a bath (and actually handled it quite well), but afterwards he kind of got a little cranky…and it was a little more intense than normal. So we informed the Doctors and Nurses who are working this evening that he may need a spot dose of morphine if this continues. They agreed and said they will be watching him closely.

Well, that’s about it. I know this is a shorter update, but I would say that shorter updates should typically be translated as “better” days. We are so grateful for another good day today. He’s handling these weans really well right now and might actually be completely off of the fentanyl by this Friday. If that’s the case we’ll see how well he handles that throughout the weekend and then possibly Monday readdress getting him off some of the heart meds. #GoBeckett!


Oh, one more thing: I was able to take Leah out on a lil date tonight. It was just for dinner, but it was nice to get to do that again.

— with Leah ‘Whiteley’ Rupp at Riley Children’s Hospital.

2 thoughts on “May 15, 2013

  1. child of God says:

    Another good day! Praise God!!

    Continuing to pray for smooth weaning and peace for you and Leah.


  2. Wonderful that you’re done with your last class and and am so glad that you and Leah were able to have a much deserved and long overdue dinner date…which of course is indicative of your little Beckett holding his own and handling his weans…for which I’m praising God, while at the same time continuing to ask God for a miracle. Keep hanging in there and I’ll keep up with my fervent prayers for Beckett’s healing.

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