May 22, 2013

UPDATE (5/22/13)

Soooo, our day began this morning at around 2:00am. Leah woke up with extremely painful abdominal cramps. At one point she actually said to me, “If I was still carrying Beckett right now I would think that I’m going into labor”; except this time she said the pain didn’t come in waves (like contractions), it was just constant. Off-n-on we constantly contemplated taking her to the ER, but it was so difficult to judge how serious it really was. So I did all that I could to calm her down by rubbing her back, her stomach or head. Occasionally it seemed to work, and eventually we both fell back asleep at around 4:30am. However, about a half hour later it came back with vengeance. Leah eventually said that even if this goes away within the next few hours that there is no way she can drive 2 hours to Fort Wayne and work a 12 hour shift in an ER with this little amount of sleep (or highly disturbed sleep). I agreed with her and encouraged her to call in at work. So she did and I ran out at around 6:00am for some over-the-counter meds and a heating pad. I finally found a 24-hour Walgreens (after first striking out a few times), bought some stuff, and rushed back to get it to Leah. Thankfully it seemed to help….but this was certainly not how we planned to spend our night or evening. However, today turned out to be another “good” day for Beckett, and it was nice to have Leah here again with me. She is definitely doing better than earlier this morning, and as cheesy as it may sound, I’m just thankful it didn’t turn out to be something much more serious.

They officially weaned Beckett’s Milrinone (his heart med that he “needs” to come off of) from the small amount of .17 to .06, this is hardly anything which is an encouragement to Leah and I that we think he really can eventually come off it. We are, however, anxiously waiting for the Cardiologist/Surgeon meeting on Friday….not much else matters at this point until we hear what they determine is the wisest and best course-of-action for Beckett.

Hope you’ve all enjoyed the pics we posted today! Beckett has been so lively lately, and it’s just super cute.


— with Leah ‘Whiteley’ Rupp at Riley Children’s Hospital.

2 thoughts on “May 22, 2013

  1. child of God says:

    Oh, not a good way to spend the night. 😦 Praying you feel better Leah and you have no more cramping.

    Praying the weaning goes smoothly and Beckett will continue to have good days.


  2. Praying for you Leah, Beckett’s weaning and complete healing, you Jonny, and your upcoming meeting with the cardiologist. Keep hanging in there and we’ll keep praying!

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