June 1, 2013

UPDATE (6/1/13)

First off, I cannot believe it’s June. But here we are, still fighting. I was just speaking with a nurse today who’s never taken care of Beckett, but told me she prays for him daily…she said, “your son must be very strong, to be fighting for this long!” And all I could say was, “yes, yes he is.” I’m so proud I him, and love him so dearly.

We’ve had a great day today (again!!)! Leah, though, had to go back to work and is working a weekly shift now of Saturday and Sundays 1:00pm-1:00am. This new schedule will officially force her to not see Beckett for an entire day (as of tomorrow) for the first time ever. Yes, this has to happen with all parents at some point (as a nurse pointed out to me today), but I think our situation is a little unique. So, please, pray for Leah as she sacrifices in this way for our family. She is an amazing women, and I am so proud to be her husband!

Oh, one last thing. We were officially (yet it’s still kind of unofficial) told by one of Beckett’s cardiologists today that we will most likely be staying in the hospital until Beckett’s second surgery. I say “officially” because all doctors are very careful to say pointed statements…but that was told to us today for the first time. We’ll see if that’s the story, but we’re thankful to have further clarity. #GoBeckett!


— with Leah ‘Whiteley’ Rupp at Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health.

One thought on “June 1, 2013

  1. Glad that today was another good day and that you had some “official”news from the doctors. Be assured prayers for Leah. You are right…while it is true parents are often away from their kids if they work her type of schedule, it is very different to be apart from your child when they are in the hospital struggling. Keep hanging in there and we’ll keep the prayers lifted up for all of you.

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