June 11, 2013

UPDATE (6/11/13)

Today has been such an interesting day. Beckett had a good day until late this evening as I was putting him to bed. He had just gotten a bath and clean clothes when he decided to poop in his fresh diaper. I decided I was not going to put him to bed for the night with a dirty diaper. So I was changing his diaper and he was pretty much staying asleep, until I realized it was up his back and on his clothes. This of course means a thorough wipe down and new clothes. This is obviously a little more involved than just a quick diaper change. So, he began to fuss a little due to being so tired and he ended up gagging on his pacifier. This is always a downward spiral and he got pretty upset. I was able to settle him down but not before his alarm started dinging the emergent sound. At first I ignored it thinking it was just his oxygen from crying, but when I turned around I saw his heart rate was in the 200’s. This of course is never good. He did not remain there long, and they were able to determine he was having PAC’s which was throwing his heart rate all over. Cardiology came by and confirmed that he is fine, but they will definitely continue to watch him. Of course Beckett slept through the entire thing. He did not come out of it as quickly as he did the last time; in fact, he was still doing it when I left. But when cardiology says he is ok, he must really be ok. So, we wait for him to come out of it. Praying it doesn’t take him too long.

The other interesting news, which Jonny may have mentioned last night is that Beckett will be having his cath this week. It is officially scheduled for Thursday around noon or little after. They said again there is no need to wait. He is at at good place and a good size right now. Things don’t stop there. If Beckett is hemodynamically where they want him, he could be on the surgery schedule as early as next week! If it were not next week then it would be the week after. Holy cow! We knew surgery was inevitable, but I wasn’t prepared for them to say it could be so soon. It felt like if we didn’t talk about it, we wouldn’t have to face it. We want this for Beckett, but it is hard to face the reality of letting my son have another open-heart surgery. I just haven’t geared up for that yet, so I better get on it. It seems like such a shock because it was not long ago they were saying Beckett might never be ready for surgery. We technically don’t know yet if he is, but we will know after the cath on Thursday. So, we have some big things coming up. They are both exciting and overwhelming at the same time. God has brought Beckett to a place where he can move forward and we are eternally grateful! I believe Beckett is on the way up and will be able to come home before we know it! Let’s see where the Lord leads us next! We are trusting Him with reckless abandon. May people continue to see God’s face through the journey of Beckett Jude Rupp.

— with Jonathan Rupp at Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health.

3 thoughts on “June 11, 2013

  1. Sharon Crigger-Stokan says:

    Every day for you is just a new step into the unknown and one that you have to walk into with faith; and you and Jonny do that so faithfully and with such trust. I know you have your moments – times where it is more like hours of what is going on now or why is this happening, but God is always there in the midst of the storm and the triumphs. Your son is such a strong little boy – he draws that strength from you and Jonny as well as our Heavenly Father. Be assured of my daily continual prayers for you all, your parents, as well as the nurses and doctors who care for him (the technicians too who are drawing blood, administering tests, etc). Keep hanging in there…and we’ll keep praying and believing that Beckett will be home in his own little room before we know it.

  2. doriew says:

    We will rely on your blog to know exactly what we should be praying for and when. I have always believed in praying with specifics. Meanwhile, another day is dawning and new miracles await. Doris

  3. Sharon Grandstaff says:

    You and Jonny are amazing. Your faith and trust in God is a testament to everyone who sees you. Beckett is a tough little guy with tremendous strength. God has special plans for him and we can’t wait to see the young man he will grow into. I continue to pray for the three of you. God bless.

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