June 12, 2013

UPDATE (6/12/13)

Beckett has had a better day today. His arrhythmia stopped around 1:00am and he only had a few funny beats this morning. He continues to have gagging episodes that both scare him, and then make him very upset. He goes up on his oxygen during these times, but at least they are able to bring him back down when he settles. It is such a hard thing for him to keep having this reflux. They continue to say it is the worst around five to six months of age and then they start to grow out of it. I pray he heads that direction quickly. He hardly slept through the night or during the day for that matter, so praying tonight is restful as he heads into his procedure tomorrow.

My mom came down today to stay with me, so we got to go out “shopping” for a while. It was fun to get away and out in the world. Most of the time I just go from one hospital to another. But anyway, it was good to spend some time in fun stores and having dinner with my mom. We really just got stuff for Beckett, which is so fun for me!

We got back to the hospital in time for Beckett’s bath, which he loved and was so well behaved for. He just laid there and played with my mom. She had these letters on her shirt that he kept reaching out and trying to grab. It was awesome! He was so intrigued by it. When the bath was over we tucked him in, and he fell right to sleep. He is such a good baby.

Tomorrow is Beckett’s heart catherization. It is supposed to be around noon or shortly after. This is just diagnostic to see if anatomically he is ready to have the next surgery. We will have the results by the afternoon. I am nervous, as this is an invasive procedure, but trusting everything will go smoothly. The cardiologist is the same doctor that performed the last one, and he is very good at what he does. This is such a big step for Beckett, and I am excited for him to be making such forward progress. We ask for prayers for tomorrow’s procedure, fully believing Beckett will rock it. I also want to ask for prayers for another NICU family. They are so sweet and have a son that was born very prematurely. From what I can gather he is extremely critical at this time. God is big. He can work a miracle even now. Please pray for them and the life of their sweet baby boy. I have never believed more deeply that God is God who not only hears prayers, but answers them! Let’s fill the heavens with prayers for these babies!!

— with Jonathan Rupp at Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health.

2 thoughts on “June 12, 2013

  1. Praying…praying for your little Beckett that he will have a restful night and that his reflux will be markedly improved; also praying for his Cath tomorrow. Will lift up the other nciu baby and family also. Fervently praying…

  2. child of God says:

    I hope Beckett had a better night last night. Praying the heart cath goes smoothly and all is well.
    I will pray for the nciu baby.
    Praying and praying!!

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