June 21, 2013

Sooo, we are still waiting to hear back about the Gerber Baby Photo Contest, but it appears the contest may be delayed until this upcoming Fall. Either way, here are the 4 photos we’ve chosen for y’all to vote on. Just post a comment as to which one you think we should use/submit. GO!
#GoBeckett #Gerber #Vote #PhotoContest

— withLeah ‘Whiteley’ Rupp at Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health.


22 thoughts on “June 21, 2013

  1. The Mark & Chrissy Stuckey Family says:

    Our household is divided — 3 votes for A and 1 vote for B — but it would be 4 votes for C if it was closeup enough to show off those eyelashes!

  2. Elaine Parrish says:

    Choose one??? That’s a toughie. B looks more if the Gerber stance, but c and d are my favs

  3. marcia says:

    A or D, He is a beautiful baby

  4. For me…B…is the one. Gosh he is adorable! 😉

  5. child of God says:

    Oh my!! This is a very hard choice. 🙂 I will say A because his eyes are adorable.

  6. chandra bauer says:

    a or d…THOSE EYES:) he is so beautiful and i am honored to pray for him and your family

  7. katie says:

    I have been following baby Beckett (I am connected with Rosalie Landis)…your little baby boy is amazing, and you, as parents are beyond inspirational. I look forward, daily, to reading about his progress…lots of thoughts and prayers to all of you!!!

  8. Lindsey says:

    A is my overall favorite. B is totally the Gerber baby look. C is super sweet but doesn’t show off his beautiful eyelashes as well. He truly is adorable!! 🙂

  9. Bob and Thelma Wagner, Mychele's aunt and uncle says:

    If we HAVE to choose we’ll take A.

  10. Carolyn Gisel says:

    A is my first choice with D as my second!!!! Prayers continue as you travel this journey!!!!

  11. Mel says:

    B is definitely my choice – such a sweetie! Continuing to lift up Beckett and mommy and daddy as well in our prayers.

  12. doriew says:

    D because he is telling someone (who is leaning over his crib) , “I love you!” He is really a “hunk” of a little guy! Neighbor

  13. doriew says:

    D because he looks like he is saying “I love you” to someone who is leaning over his crib!
    What a “hunk” of a little guy! Neighbor

  14. Dee Fetter says:

    A is my first choice – C my second choice Very hard to choose as he
    is such a precious little guy in any photo. I work where Grandpa Doug

  15. Brooke Amspoker says:

    A! Although all of the pics are adorable! I heard about Beckett from my neighbor, Kay Sherreik, earlier this year and have been following his progress and praying for him since!

  16. Julie Heeter says:

    What a difficult decision. “A” gets my vote. Love those eyes!

  17. Jeannie says:

    I’d say C – beautiful boy! I hope he’ll be well enough for a visit when I’m home in July – Great-Grand-Auntie

  18. Lisa Wolfe says:

    They are all amazing but B stands out 🙂

  19. Katie keagle says:

    They are all so beautiful though!

  20. Greta says:

    B or D!!

  21. Sylvia says:

    I vote A or B! I love his personality shining through in B!! 🙂 Yet A shows off his eyelashes & adorable eyes! 🙂 GO Beckett!!

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