June 21, 2013

UPDATE (6/21/13)

Another good day. Beckett can still get a little cranky here-n-there, but we think it could be either normal baby stuff, some soreness in his legs still, or possibly even teething. However, he’s not always cranky. When he wakes up naturally (without loud noises, needing to poop, spitting up, etc), he’s quite pleasant and happy.

Our day began with Leah holding Beckett. She was the first to try out the fancy new chair (while holding Beckett) in our fancy new room here at Riley. He slept well, but eventually Leah was woken by something that felt a little warm and possibly wet. Yup, turns out Beckett was peeing and it was making its way outside of his diaper. Ooops. I was actually out, and returned to him on the floor playing with Physical Therapy. He wasn’t too happy about it. She said that Beckett is usually hit-n-miss; sometimes he loves therapy and borderline “shows-off”, and other times he wants nothing to do with it. This was kind of a “middle-of-the-road” kinda day. He was tolerating it, but gently moaning and whimpering the entire time. Eventually he “snapped”, and was over it.

Anyways, the afternoon proceeded with more friends. We had another St. Vincent medical staff visitor. It’s amazing that we haven’t been at St. Vincent’s for more than 2 months now, and we still get visitors from there….so blessed. So, she held him for a while and we just caught up as he slowly drifted asleep in her arms.

Then, Leah’s Dad came down for the evening. It was kinda hand-off time. Our friend from St. V’s had to leave, so we just had PaPaw slide right in. He hasn’t been able to make it down to see Beckett for a little while, so it was nice to give him the chance to hold him once again. We then went out to eat with him and returned to a sleeping baby.

Speaking of, Beckett has been sleeping a lot…but it’s a good thing. When he is awake, he does play hard…but it really tires him out, so then he sleeps hard. He’s spent A LOT of time on his back that he has definitely been developing a flat head…and not only a flat head, but it’s started to angle off to the side now. In the grand scheme of things, this does not really matter…but PT did mention that they may start discussing needing to give him a helmet (which, I guess helps re-round a babies head while it is still moldable). Not a big deal, but I just thought I’d mention it just in case we start posting pictures and our cut little Beckett is sporting an awesome helmet. 😉

Lastly, you may have notice that I posted a picture of 4 photos of Beckett. I need your help to determine which one is your (or your family’s) favorite. Once we receive word when and where to upload the photo (which, we are now being told may be as late as this upcoming Fall…but we’ll see), you votes will help us decide which one to choose. It’s a difficult decision (well, at least for us it is). We think he is such a cutie, and believe it or not…these pictures still do not do him justice.
Oh, and if you couldn’t tell…option “B” is the Gerber Photo I edited and posted a few months ago:

Thanks everyone! #GoBeckett #ODAAT

— with Leah ‘Whiteley’ Rupp at Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health.

2 thoughts on “June 21, 2013

  1. Loving these good day updates. Praying for you all continually.

  2. Linda Rupp says:

    My 1st choice is D, then A

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