July 19, 2013

UPDATE (7/19/13)

Soooo, we saw the surgeon again today, he only reaffirmed how good Beckett is still doing. Even our cardiologist spoke very highly of him again today. Not that I’m not a trusting person, or anything like that…but Leah and I have been joking that we feel like they are all just saying all these encouraging things just to be nice. We know that is not true, but with all “we’ve” been through, it’s difficult to not think pessimistically like that. The good news is that we KNOW they really are telling the truth….and it’s sooo crazy!

We are also still “on the docket” to go H.OM.E. on either Tuesday or Wednesday! Sooo, we decided to meet with a Financial Resource Program Coordinator to make sure we are still all “set-up” financially (particularly from an insurance and assistance standpoint) to go home. It was actually extremely intimidating and overwhelming. The lady had pure motives to “advise” and warn us of things to avoid, but the intimidating element is that if we did something wrong or overlooked a particular detail (throughout Beckett’s life, but especially over these next few years), it could cost us thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars! Needless to say, that definitely got our attention. Sooo, that was yet another thing to stack on the palate of stress….but “what are ya gonna do”. Leah and I can clearly only “do our best” (as cheesy as that sounds), and trust that God is unequivocally in control!

Our house (carpets and sofas and stuff) got professionally cleaned today. We just felt like the fresh start would be a good thing for Beckett and launch “healthy living”. Speaking off, I’ve gotta hit the gym again…these past 7 months have wrecked me….but that’s probably too much information and probably just me venting again (which I can tend to do at times…sorry).

My sister and brother-in-law left this evening to go home. It was great to have them here for the past couple days. We got to stroll around the heart center again, do bubbles, and I forced my poor brother-in-law to proofread my Thesis before I submit it to my supervisor in order to propose! 😉

Hang tight y’all……we’re gettin’ close!!


— with Leah ‘Whiteley’ Rupp at Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health.

One thought on “July 19, 2013

  1. So things keep clicking right along for Beckett and your family. PTL! Nice that you had a good couple of days with Raelyn and Josh and family. Family is such an important part of the ‘making it through’ such times as these. Prayers continuing to be lifted up for you and Leah and Beckett…

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