July 22, 2013

UPDATE (7/22/13)

Another good day. Beckett’s saturations were even better today! As I mentioned recently, his saturations were kinda goofy this weekend. Well, he had a nice big cry late last night before I left, which unfortunately prompted a fairly hefty throw-up. HOWEVER, after that…his saturations were great! In fact, they’ve been great nearly all day!

We had another friend visit today (which is always a treat) in addition to some techs delivering some equipment we will be going home on. They had to kinda teach us how to use the equipment and better prepare us for when we are home with Beckett. We were also suppose to have a car seat study for Beckett earlier today (which tests if he can even maintain his saturations when in a car seat for numerous hours. That got bumped to later this evening here, so we certainly hope Beckett passes that with flying colors.

A few more things:
1) Don’t you think you want Leah to write one of these upcoming Updates? I mean, I’ve been told by well-meaning friends and family “we really do like how you write, Jonny. BUT when Leah does it…wow! It’s amazing!” In which I reply with a proud and confused “thank you”. 😉 Anyways, just post back if you’d like Beckett’s mother’s perspective every-once-in-a-while. 🙂
2) Just to give some of you a heads up who might be interested in something like this…a new friend of ours is putting together a lil “meal schedule website” for us where (I think) you can sign up for days and times to provide us with meals. It’s kinda weird and awkward for me to be advocating this for us here on Facebook and our blog….but I know that would be something very practical and helpful for us once we get home. Sooo, if that’s your “cup-of-tea”, we would welcome your gift of nourishment.
3) Though I don’t take back anything I mentioned yesterday about people coming to our house to welcome us home (in fact, I want to encourage it all the more and welcome you to spread the word)…I did want to clarify that we probably won’t have much time to chat or even “show him off”. We will probably just take him inside right away (cause the heat isn’t that good for him yet), and we don’t really have that big of a house. We appreciate your understanding and fully acknowledge that you all probably already assumed all of this to be the case. I just thought some clarity might be helpful.

Whelp, please keep us in your prayers (as we know you have been) as we approach this transition. Please pray everything continues to go smoothly and Beckett just rocks it in the environment of his loving and rightful home!

……..we’re sooooo close!


— with Leah ‘Whiteley’ Rupp at Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health.

3 thoughts on “July 22, 2013

  1. ODCTH…praying that God is even now preparing the way in all the ways necessary for Beckett’s going home to your loving home.

  2. Aunt Raelyn says:

    You both do a great job writing the blog. You do it in differant ways however I appreciate all the great communication. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    My only opinion is more pictures and videos. It makes me feel like I know Beckett even better after seeing those.

    I also truly cherished the time with Beckett last week. My heart breaks that we don’t live closer. I really miss him already. ;(


  3. Jerriene says:

    Each night I check the blog to see how Beckett is. I like reading the both Daddy and Mommy’s viewpoint. Thank you for allowing us to witness you and Leah ad your son was dedicated to the Lord. Beckett is in God’s service already. God bless you both and your adorable son.

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