August 25, 2013

UPDATE (8/25/13)

Honestly, not much to update tonight:

Both my parents were here again (came all the way down from Ohio just for the day!), and spent some good quality time with Beckett. We were greeted with the news that Beckett had a fantastic night last night (which is always music to my ears!). He was just laying in his bed…just cooing and playing. Other than him throwing up a few times today (which weren’t devastating), he was such a good boy today! When he was awake, he played, otherwise he slept (mostly in my mother’s arms). My mom kept saying politely and confidently, “I’ve got the touch.” It was funny. My Dad gave him a few trips around the floor in his wagon…and like I said, we mainly just played and slept.

Soooo, we are just holding our breath concerning tomorrow. We truly don’t know much yet, but what I do know is that a lot will need to perfectly fall into place to make tomorrow a complete success (from my finite mind’s standpoint). We’ll see how it unfolds……either way, “To God be the Glory, Great Things He has Done!”


— with Leah ‘Whiteley’ Rupp at Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health.

3 thoughts on “August 25, 2013

  1. child of God says:

    Thank You Father for a good day!!

    Praying for good new tomorrow with the word ‘home’ in it. 🙂

  2. Sharon Crigger-Stokan says:

    We like posts like this. Glad Beckett had a good day and that grandma and grandpa got to enjoy it with him. There is definitely something about a grandma’s touch – and a grandpa’s wagon rides. 😉 Continuing our prayers for Beckett – always be assured of that. Trusting tomorrow will be ‘going home’ day.

  3. Sharon Grandstaff says:

    We are so happy when you don’t have much to report. A sure sign that Beckett had a good day. He must enjoy Grandma’s secure arms and Grandpa’s enjoyable wagon rides. Continuing prayer for his continued healing and hoping tomorrow is truly going home day.

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