August 28, 2013

UPDATE (8/28/13)

Not much to report (once again). Honestly, Beckett is doing quite well. Last night was a little better than the night before. We were definitely awake numerous times, but it was manageable, and Beckett was responding well to being rocked back to sleep.

We could still use some prayer figuring out a good and manageable routine. Leah had to nap again this afternoon, and I could have easily used one, but this ride isn’t gonna end (thankful…but I think you know what I’m saying). There are no “vacations”, we just need to figure out how to get up to speed with all his meds, appointments, sleep patterns, our jobs, my schooling, etc, etc, etc.

Lastly, I want to mention two more things:
1) Just another heads up (like last time we were home), there will definitely be days where we cannot quite find the time to post. But I assure you that if there is “bad news” to announce, it will be posted. So take peace in the days we are silent…we may merely just be enjoying life and enjoying our son….at home! 🙂
2) I want to remind you all of Beckett’s email address: beckettrupp @ gmail .com (spaces are added to help avoid it from being spammed on the blog). The emails you all have sent are so amazing, and I want to remind you that the purpose is to write Beckett something to either encourage him later in life if/when the scars aren’t making sense, or simply even to share with him what his young life has meant to you. He’s such an amazing little boy, and a slew of emails from you all will be so fun to share with him someday.

You guys are awesome! Thank you for your continual support. Oh, and the meals you guys are beginning to supply for us once again are such a blessing. Thank you so much!!


One thought on “August 28, 2013

  1. Thanking God for Beckett’s being home and for some normalcy in your lives, yet praying for you to get a routine down that works for
    your all…and of course still praying for Beckett to be healed and for a complete healing miracle.

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