August 29, 2013

UPDATE (8/29/13)

Had our very first ever pediatrician appointment today. Though I had to miss a class for this, it was very much so necessary, and kinda nice to take Beckett “out”. I almost told Leah, “Hey, this is the first time we’ve had Beckett out and not at a hospital”…..and then I realized, “Nope, we’re still in a hospital.” But still, it was nice. Beckett behaved fairly well (for the most part) for his appointment….and of course, our pediatrician thought Beckett was quite cute! 😉

That’s about it for now. He’s doing very well, and we are continuing to take this one step at a time. We’re excited about this upcoming weekend. My mother is coming to town, and the Labor Day parade in Upland runs right past our house. Yay, Beckett’s very first parade!


One thought on “August 29, 2013

  1. Sharon Crigger-Stokan says:

    Glad the pediatrician appt went well and even better…Beckett going to have some Grandma-time this weekend! Nothing better for Grandma’s than to be with their grandchildren! And a parade on top of that how fun for Beckett. Praying always for you all…!!

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