September 1, 2013

UPDATE (9/1/13)

Whelp, it’s September 1st….can you believe it?! I cannot. It seems like yesterday that I was announcing the birth of my new baby boy…and my, what a journey it has been since then. Clearly we still have a long ways to go, and in some regards, these upcoming months may be almost just as challenging as the last….but we have been longing for these days, so I say “Bring it on!”

Beckett has had another good day today. In fact, this morning he pulled off one of his cheek-pads holding on his nasal cannula, and I decided to pull the other one off as well. You see, Leah and I have really only ever seen Beckett’s naked face a few times and for very brief moments. Well, lets just say we were able to answer the question, “Can he get any cuter?!”….and the answer is an unequivocal “Yes!” I promise that I will try to post a picture soon. I left the cannula off for over an hour, and he was satting great! Yes, that means we are soooo close to loosing yet another cord. I would love for Beckett to not need oxygen anymore. I only put it back on to not push it/him too hard too soon….but I hope if we keep adequately/safely challenging him with it, we could have it gone very soon!

My parents came to town again today and were quite helpful. Dad helped me out with some outside “chores” I’ve been meaning to get to for a while, and Mom will actually be staying with us for the entire week. She’s a huge help, and just like Leah’s Mom (but in her own way), she’s a “Beckett Whisperer” as well. She’s very good with him, and can certainly help us a ton when we need a brake or a helping hand.

So, as I said….it’s September 1st, and I believe we have graduated to no longer “needing” to do daily posts. Though this has been a great outlet for us and certainly an effective way to inform all you faithful “Beckett Followers” of our concerns and prayer-requests, I believe while we are now pursuing what life at home may actually look like, we will be backing down from daily posts to weekly posts. We will certainly try to post photos and videos “often”, so please check back for that. And again, any help with the “Take Them A Meal” initiative is amazingly appreciative!
And one more thing…we are still working on some Beckett “swag” (t-shirts, bracelets, etc) to help support this journey. That should hopefully be right around the corner on the blog.

With sooooo much love from Beckett, Leah and I to you all…we are signing off for now, and hope to see many of you face-to-face sooner-than-later!


One thought on “September 1, 2013

  1. Wow…such an encouraging post and thanking our Heavenly Father for what he is doing in Beckett’s life. I’m sure Beckett well enjoy his grandma time, but more so grandma will enjoy her Beckett time. 😉 Be assured of continued prayers on Beckett’s behalf as well as for you and Leah and both your families. Will watch for your weekly or whenever posts!

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