October 6, 2013

UPDATE (10/6/13)

Again, sorry for the delay in posts. I wish we could do it more often, but it can be challenging to prioritize and carve out the time to do it. However, your care and support have certainly earned and warranted it. But I may have to be concise.

First…….and honestly, Beckett really is doing great!! As I seem to qualify that statement often with, “but we still have a ways to go”, the distance we’ve come thus far is truly astounding to me.

We’ve been trying to get him out more, but it’s always a struggle. While I’ve been in school and work, Leah’s been able to take him out in his stroller, which is always a good time. Beckett just stares and stares, especially when he’s looking at something or someone new. The more “normal” stuff we can do, the better. We even took Beckett out shopping at Target the other day.

A few prayer requests and concerns:
Beckett’s J-Tube has been quite sensitive for him the past few days. The simplest thing seems to set him off in a complete “meltdown”. We did have an appointment this past week with GI about it, but are still waiting to hear back on how they want to proceed. They did say that everything looks “ok” (other than how sensitive Beckett is to his J-Tube being touched), but want to put their heads together with our Cardiologist on some upcoming tweaks (possibly exchanging the J-Tube to a GJ-Tube, discontinuing Beckett’s continuous feeding, etc.). We aren’t overly concerned, and their overall assessment was encouraging, we just don’t like the pain Beckett seems to be dealing with concerning it. We just don’t want something bad to happen.

Also, Beckett’s physical therapy has yet to start. Apparently there was a hang up in some paperwork…..soooo, we’re still waiting, just trying to do as much “therapy” on our own. Please pray that this picks up soon and that Beckett responds well to it.
Thank you!!

On a really exciting note, we are less than a month away from Beckett being completely off of his Methadone (if Beckett remains on target with our wean schedule…as he has been)!! Amazing, huh?! It’s been a long road, but to only be a month away from being done with that horrible (yet frustratingly necessarily) drug, is amazing!

Lastly, I apologize (again), for not posting very many pictures of Beckett, but I will soon. I’m promising to post soon because I was recently made aware that the Gerber Baby photo contest has officially begun. As I was skimming through the rules, I noticed that one of the requirements was to have a photo less than 30 days old. So even though we’ve already voted ourselves on some photos a few months ago, and we have a lot of really good photos to choose from, it appears I need to snap a few new ones. When I get the chance to do that, I will…and I’ll be sure to upload them so you can all see (and maybe even “vote”).

Friends and family continue to be such a blessing. Everything from helping us with meals, cleaning our house, helping with laundry, or even automobile repairs. We are so blessed. Hang in there with us, each of your support is greatly appreciated!!

“Take Them A Meal”


3 thoughts on “October 6, 2013

  1. Sharon Grandstaff says:

    Praise the Lord. So glad that Beckett is doing well. Such a change from a few months ago. I continue to keep in my prayers for his complete healing while thanking the Lord for His miracles of healing for Beckett. As a result of Beckett doing well I am so happy for you and Leah to return to somewhat of a normal life. May God continue to bless the three of you.

  2. Sharon-Crigger-Stokan says:

    Thanks for taking time for an update. With all of your life ‘activities’ and busy-ness we all really appreciate whatever you can post whenever you can. So good to hear that Beckett is doing great, and we are so thankful to God for that. Praying for him – for you all daily and this update really helps us to know how to pray. Oh, and please – if you can – post the info (and picture(s)?) for the Gerber Baby contest with instructions on how we can vote. I certainly wouldn’t want to miss that opportunity. 😉 Take care and thanks again for the update. Always praying for you all!

  3. child of God says:

    So glad to here Beckett is doing so well. 🙂 I would listen to him and if he’s getting mad about the feeding site, then there probably is something going on there. Praying for the doctors to see what’s happening there.

    Blessings. 🙂

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