October 31, 2013

UPDATE (10/31/13)So many little things to cover. Let’s dive right in…

First, just a few days ago Beckett turned 10 months old! ……..if you’ve been following his journey closely, many of you will realize just how amazing this really is. I try not to overly think about Beckett’s fragility, but in reflecting upon Beckett’s journey (especially throughout the first few months of his life) I am truly amazed and sincerely grateful for each day and every milestone.

With that being said, and on a slightly more sobering note, one of Beckett’s therapists has labeled many of his physical abilities at the level of a 3 or 4 month old. Beckett struggles sitting up without support, he still doesn’t know how to eat orally, and “tummy-time” is very uncomfortable (the distinction we’ve been given is that he shouldn’t necessarily be in pain due to his numerous chest incisions, but rather uncomfortable because of how unfamiliar it is to him). This is justly disappointing, but understandable. Clearly, Beckett has not had a very typical first 10 months of life, but he has certainly proven his resiliency…and so I strongly believe we can get him caught up eventually.

This past week we had another evaluation for additional therapy. I’m continually thankful for each of these opportunities and am excited to continue to watch Beckett “develop” and make up lost ground. Leah spends most of the time with Beckett and his therapists, and has shared with me that she is very pleased with their intentionality and skill with him.

Furthermore, Beckett’s G-Tube is doing well. We have some ground to make up on healing his skin around the site, and it’s looking much better.

Ummm, let’s see….he’s been sleeping pretty well. Oh! And we are almost done with his methadone wean!!!!! Ahhhh!!!!! That’s so exciting for us. We literally have less than a week to go!!

A few more things. Many of you may have seen the last picture I posted of Beckett in a Pumpkin Patch (cute as can be…may I add?). Coincidently, I believe we found our Gerber Baby Photo to submit. One of the stipulations was having a photo of our baby that had been taken within the past 30 days (so unfortunately we were unable to use any of the other super cute ones from months ago). The voting begins on November 4th, and I’ll provide a link soon for where and how to vote (though, you should know, it’s only done on Facebook). BUT, if you can, please vote! #GoBeckett

Lastly, we have some exciting news literally a few days away. We have ordered and received NEW Beckett Bracelets. My brother-in-law will be posting details on how to order them….but until then, BE EXCITED! 😉

Lastly, please pray for our good friends who just lost their son this past week. They were a family we met when we lived in Michigan. They were blessed with a beautiful son named Eli. Unfortunately, he was born prematurely, and fought hard since birth for about 6 weeks. Please pray for peace and comfort as we can not even fathom the pain they may be feeling. They are an amazing couple, however, and have handled this journey will courage and great faith!

Thanks everyone…for everything!!! We’ve come a long ways, but we have a ways to go! #ODAAT

“Take Them A Meal”

— with Leah ‘Whiteley’ Rupp.

2 thoughts on “October 31, 2013

  1. Hannah Schundler says:

    Good to read this update 🙂 Will definitely be voting for Pumpkin Patch Beckett in the contest 🙂

  2. child of God says:

    Great news! Beckett is doing so well. Methadone wean!! Yes!
    Praying for you little man. 🙂

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