November 10, 2013

UPDATE (11/10/13)

First, Beckett has officially been off of Methadone since Wednesday morning! We actually do not believe we have properly celebrated this yet (Leah or I). But we think it’s because it was such a long battle, and it’s kinda hard to even believe it’s behind us. Buuut, it truly is!! Sooo, that’s a huge milestone.

Secondly, Beckett has officially breached 20 lbs! That’s amazing, especially with all his reflux and throwing-up issues. And though that hasn’t really subsided at all, he really handles it quite well…not necessarily in the moment, but he recovers quickly. At night, however, we have to “watch” (or, more-so, listen) for it (the throwing-up). It happens quickly, and he always needs help with it (and could potentially choke if we aren’t there soon enough to help him). Thankfully, both Leah and my ears are pretty tuned in to it, but the mad-dash to his room in the middle of the night when we hear him gagging through the monitor is quite disorienting….but we’re making it work.

He actually sleeps quite well. Yes, there are times we wished he slept in a little longer, but all-n-all…we really can’t complain. He loves his crib, and just rolls around all night long from one side to another. No exaggeration, he genuinely seems to make a least two full rotations in his crib throughout the night. He definitely takes advantage of the entire real estate offered in that lil crib. I think it’s funny, but we do get concerned because there is a feeding tube connected to him, and we certainly do not want that to get wrapped around anything and create an unnecessary issue. But on a lighter note, that tube can be fun to dig out in the middle of the night when we need to give him meds and he’s sleeping on the part we need to get to. I’ve had to be quite creative during these situations, cause he can tend to be a light sleeper (at times….not always). Once he sees ya, it’s game over….you lose! 🙂

Therapy has continued to go well. He needs a lot of attention to catch him up, but Leah does a fantastic job with him throughout the week, and I certainly enjoy contributing when I can and throughout the weekend.

I took him to church for the first time today. We just hung out in the back and I strolled him around to keep him satisfied. But honestly, he’s such a good lil boy. He just looks around and soaks everything in. It’s a lot of work to take him out, but it’s worth it, and it’s good for him.

I had a fantastic birthday party last weekend. It was great to not only celebrate another year, but to celebrate this year as a father. I’m truly blessed with an amazing son and family, and even an amazing heritage. It’s my father’s birthday today, and I couldn’t be more proud to be his son. I only hope and pray to be able to pass along his work ethic, generosity and love to my son (and future children). He’s trained me well, it’s now my turn!

Don’t forget to vote for Beckett. Well, don’t feel like you have to, but we just find this something fun to do, and we obviously think Beckett is ridiculously cute and deserves a title such as “Gerber Baby” (whatever that means). He’s just cute, and if you agree…! 😉

Lastly, you may have noticed the post that my sister and brother-in-law did for us on our website. We have new Beckett Bracelets. The first edition of these went so well, and we’ve consistently received requests for more, so we decided to make some new ones. I think they look great! If you live near Macomb, MI, Archbold, OH, or Upland, IN and would like one, you can look up one of us “venders”. Otherwise, we can accommodate shipping from our website. Yeah, of course this is an opportunity to raise a lil money for Beckett, but really, I like how this can be a representation of Beckett’s journey and what that has meant to you. Sooo, if you like ’em, be sure to order some soon (cause they may go fast).

God is soooo good. We’ve come so far! I was literally crying like a big baby the other day while just sitting and playing with him. Occasionally, “it all” just hits me, and I tend to get a lil emotional of how amazing my son is. God has sustained him, has sustained our marriage, and so far even my schooling. Leah has been a rock, family has been so helpful and supportive, and I couldn’t ask for better friends. AND to all you who I haven’t even ever met…..are you serious?!….your consistent support has literally stopped me in my tracks. It’s amazing. Beckett’s website has been hit way over 100,000 times in just 10 months…the support is astounding. I just hope this journey has been seen as a journey of hope and a vicarious opportunity for you to discover how you do and will decide to respond during trials. We have certainly not done it “right” everyday, but by God’s grace and strength, we are still standing…

Alright, alright…I’m done.
Vote (if you wanna) – Gerber Photo Search 2013 
Get a bracelet (if you truly love Beckett….just kidding)
And never doubt God’s sovereign plan. He will bring you through, even if it’s not how you had it planned.


2 thoughts on “November 10, 2013

  1. Sharon-Crigger-Stokan says:

    So good to read how Beckett is doing – also about you and Leah. Praising God for Beckett’s freedom from the methadone. What a milestone that is! And just to read how he manuevers in his crib and his therapy…so much to give God the glory for. Praying fervently still for his needs and a complete-total healing. And for you and Leah to have the strength, wisdom and energy needed for each day – for the things that so many of us just routinely do that you both cannot. Keep hanging in there – just thanking God for your family (your parents, sibilings, etc) and the testimony that you all have been and continue to be through all this – and we’ll keep the prayers lifted up to our most gracious Heavenly Father!!

  2. child of God says:

    So much good news! Thank You Father!!
    I sure do wish I could vote for Beckett but I just cannot seem to pull up the page on my Facebook. So, praying he wins!

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