December 1, 2013

UPDATE (12/1/13)

December 1st. Can you believe it? 25 days until Christmas (or 24, however you wanna look at it).

In just a few short hours I will be flying out of the country for 15 days. Yes, this means that Beckett’s appointments last week went quite well. I asked our cardiologist if it was crazy to be leaving the country considering Beckett’s “condition”, and he said not at all. Beckett is doing so well right now and we are getting closer and closer to doing more and more “normal things.”

If you haven’t had the chance, be sure to watch the latest video we posted recapping this entire past year in a few short minutes. It’s hard to watch that video and not think about how much of a miracle Beckett is. I feel as if phrases like that are becoming so cliché, but with Beckett…it’s the real deal. There were so many times I truly wasn’t convinced we were going to pull out of this and bring our son home someday. Yet, here we are….having beaten the odds. Why were we blessed with this gift, and yet so many of our friends we know or have met were not? Here is where I lean into the Lord’s sovereignty once again, not as a crutch for excuses, but for support in faith. I could ask a similar question, “why would it be fair for Leah and I to have to go through everything we have with our firstborn son?” Or, “Why is it fair that Beckett had to go through all that?” That’s not “fair”; yet, I must trust wholeheartedly that God was and still is in control.

This Thanksgiving, I was (and am) certainly thankful for family, for my wife, for my inspiring son…but truly thankful for God’s sovereign power over me and my family. If any of us have watched this entire journey unfold and have failed to see Jesus in and through it all…we’ve missed the point. I’m thankful that God can empathize with my pain (or I with His) in watching my son suffer. Yet I am all the more grateful for Jesus and the sacrifice he made for us….and I vow to teach my son the good news of Jesus, and learn to better love Him and others each day of our lives. (Proverbs 22:6)

I cannot believe we are LESS than a month away from Beckett’s 1-year-old birthday! It’s hard to believe that it’s nearly been an entire year since this journey began. To commemorate, we are certainly going to be doing up his party well! It’s a huge day of celebration…and it’s gonna be beautiful.

Speaking of commemoration, if you haven’t gotten one yet, don’t forget about our Becket Bracelets. Yeah, they are a suggested donation of $3, but really, we want them to be used and worn as a symbol of God’s sovereign hand, a memory of His goodness (even in the midst of the storm), and how we are instructed to handle trials (and I’m not alluding to the point that we’ve done it perfectly…by any means). Sooo…if you haven’t gotten one yet, or if you can’t afford the $3…please let us know. We’d like for anyone who feels invested in this story (or even if you’re not) to have one.

The voting for the Gerber Baby Photo Contest has ended (or, at least it was suppose to by Dec 1st…I was still able to get another vote in this morning). Soooo, I’m not sure yet of the results. But as soon as we hear anything…we will let you all know.

I’m not sure when our next post may be. It might be a while. With me gone and Leah assuming the extra responsibilities while I’m gone, these updates might have rightfully dropped in priority (I’m sorry). But we definitely try to write them when we can. Sooo, maybe if either Leah or I can get a chance, we’ll post again “soon.” Otherwise, enjoy this month celebrating the birth of our Savior.

Merry Christmas!


2 thoughts on “December 1, 2013

  1. Kasey Chang says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BECKETT!! God is awesome! Thank you for sharing your story — we’re praying for God’s peace to rest on your hearts and home. My husband Andrew just met Beckett’s dad at the conference they’re both attending. Just remember Jesus’ words: “Fear not.” Constant praising helps replace the anxious thoughts. Blessed be the name of the Lord.
    Leah, you’re an amazing mom and you’re truly surrounded by love.

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