June 4, 2014

UPDATE (6/4/14)

Greetings everyone. I know it’s been a while since we’ve actually posted a written update for Beckett, but I sure hope you’ve been enjoying the occasional pics we’ve posted.

It’s been a very busy last few months for us…and with that being said, I do have a few announcements to make. First, Leah has officially accepted a new job at Ball Memorial Hospital! Though we are very excited about this opportunity, Leah will certainly miss her friends a colleagues at her current hospital in Fort Wayne. This new job, however, will be a much closer drive, it’s full-time, the hours should work with our schedule, and the Health Insurance is IU Heath (which is what Riley Hospital is where we have been taking Beckett). There are just many advantages to this opportunity, and we are certainly viewing this as a blessing! Also, I have officially graduated from my Master’s program. It was certainly a long and difficult journey (especially amongst everything going on these past 17 months), but God was so faithful, and through the constant encouragement of you all, my family and friends….”I” did it! I am very pleased and humbled to complete this program, and am excited to see what doors/opportunities open up to me and my family now. And even more humbling, I was actually honored with an award during our hooding ceremony titled “Strength of Purpose.” It was a very touching and surreal moment to then walk back to my family after receiving the award, and kiss my son. There were many days I envisioned graduating, and truthfully, did not see my son there. I would say this was a dream come true, and a moment I will not soon forget. Speaking of Beckett….let’s talk about him:

Beckett is so amazing! He’s charming, and happy, and smart, and loving, and rambunctious, and…and…just great! Though we still have many meds we give him all throughout the day and night, and he has numerous different therapies that see him frequently, along with cardiology appointments, GI appointments, and regular ole pediatric appointments…he’s about as normal as it gets. Yes, yes…at times all that stuff can get distracting, but there are many real moments that I can thoroughly enjoy like just picking my son up and twirling him around the room (….yet another dream come true). We love him even more today than yesterday, and somehow tomorrow will somehow outweigh today.

…however, though we have much to be thankful for, we do have some immediate prayer requests. While I’m still looking for a job, I was fortunate enough to attend a fantastic conference these past few days in Minnesota. Unfortunately, Leah called me today with some disturbing news that she has decided to take Beckett in to Riley’s ER. Though that was a bit of a shocker to me, it didn’t completely catch me off guard because she has casually mentioned throughout the past few days that Beckett did get a bit of a fever a few days ago (about right when I left). She had been combating it with much love and antibiotics (or something that she got from our doctor). Well, apparently she did not feel that they were working quite quick enough, so after growing concern and an increase of anxiety…Leah decided to be “better safe than sorry,” which I clearly fully support. Understandably, I am quite frustrated that I happen to be away during this time, but I am trying to be supportive from a distance and am anxious to begin the 10.5 hour drive home!

Now….I do have a few updates since my news that he was in Riley’s ER. Apparently they did checked his vitals, and everything looks good. In fact, Leah said that he didn’t have a fever once they got there (of course). Sooo…as much as this actually could have spun out of control for a boy like Beckett, thankfully it feels (right now) that it is all under control thus far. In fact, Leah just text me that they are packing up and heading home tonight (which was also a question…as to whether or not they would spend the night). Thankfully it appears to not be too serious (thank you Jesus!!), but it definitely resurfaced some old feelings that I was happy to say goodbye to months ago. Thankfully my support system here at the conference have been great, and our families as well…it’s just a time for me to come back home and get Beckett back to 100%.

Soooo, that’s a decent summary of the past few months (since about Easter). Please keep praying for Beckett, and his continual healing. He’s truly a charmer, and someone you must meet. Keep in touch, and enjoy the photos (we’ll keep trying to post some more from time-to-time).


2 thoughts on “June 4, 2014

  1. Elena says:

    We still pray for your family every night. =) Hoping Beckett is feeling better now and that you are home safe with your family. We’ll keep praying for his healing.

  2. child of God says:

    Things seem to be moving in a wonderful direction! Praising God for Leah’s new job and for your graduation! Truly, He has His hand on your family. Glad to hear Beckett is doing so well. Continuing to covering you all in prayer.

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