September 19, 2015

UPDATE (9/19/15)
You all deserve an update….sorry for the delay. As many of you know, we had a GI and Cardiology Appointment a few weeks ago, and we’ve been meaning to inform you all as to how it went.
General consensus, Beckett is doing great! At one point our Cardiologist looked at us and said, “Let me put it this way….when we first met Beckett, if someone told me that this (pointing at Beckett) was going to be the outcome, I’m not sure I would have believed it.” That’s pretty great news.
For GI, we’ve actually begun weaning some of his meds…which is awesome! I’ve longed for this moment. Just a few weeks ago, Beckett still received a little over 130 syringes of medicine a week. We are now just under 100…..I’d say we’re moving the right direction.
Concerning Cardiology….he’s looking great, but now it’s time to begin having our dreaded conversations of Beckett’s next/last operation. However, first, our Cardiologist would like for Beckett to have a Cardiac Cath. Beckett has had a couple of these….but they aren’t fun. For the first time in a little over 2 years Beckett will undergo another invasive operation where anesthesia is involved. Worst scenario, it is possible for Beckett to code on the table (we have good friends whom this happened to), or, he could go home the same day. I believe it’ll be somewhere in the middle…but either way, we are just hoping and praying for a successful and informative operation. After this Cath, the Cardiologists will have a much better understanding of just how well Beckett is truly doing, and how close he is to being “ready” for his last open heart surgery.
We are very anxious to have these days behind us, but are fighting to cherish the present moments. This is probably the most accurate reason why we haven’t posted updates as much as we’d like/should…..we’re just genuinely enjoying long walks in the evenings together as a family, going to fairs, zoos, etc. We had a wonderful summer vacationing for a few days with my family, with some of Leah’s old college roommates, and you may have seen the pics…Beckett was in a wedding this summer! Life has truly been a blast, and sometimes Leah and I just look at each other in disbelief at our “happy ending.”
His Cardiac Cath is on October 6th at 7:30am. Please pray for us, and certainly for Beckett, the Cardiologist who’s doing the Cath….etc, etc, etc.
This has been quite the story…quite the journey…and quite the testimony of God love, grace, and sovereign care. We are very blest and are trusting in the Lord’s care over our son heading into this last and final chapter. Thank you all for your continual support and love…we are so very grateful!


2 thoughts on “September 19, 2015

  1. Bernadette says:

    As you said WOW how wonderful and now very frightening, I will post to my FB page as always and I do hope you don’t mind. Because of the outpouring of prayers, I know first hand how those we do not know can save lives and be the living angels. God does listen, and I pray he continues to pull little Beckett through with flying colors so we can continue to view the beautiful photos and the great news that your family has experienced. Because of this knowledge of FB I had always called it The Church of Face Book, so I started a page feel free to like or join or pass it along. Church of FB, God bless Beckett and your family .

  2. Sharon Crigger-Stokan says:

    Great news while still having much to pray for. Be assured of continued prayers for Beckett and you both!

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