October 28, 2015

UPDATE (10/28/15)
What a roller coaster…
As many of you know, we recently took Beckett in for his first invasive procedure in over 2 years. On October 6th, Beckett had a Heart Cath at Riley Children’s Hospital. Leah did a great job explaining in our last post how that went and what that Cardiologist who preformed the Cath suggested as “next steps.”
In a nutshell, we went into that Cath with an understanding that Beckett is not ready for his 3rd/last open-heart surgery for at least another 6-12 months. Our primary Cardiologist ordered the Cath because he wanted/needed to confirm that Beckett is looking as good on the inside as he is looking on the outside. After the Cath, Beckett apparently looked so good that the Cardiologist who preformed the Cath suggested we perform his last open-heart surgery within 6 weeks. Leah and I nearly fell off our seats. Since that day we have been waiting patiently near the phone for our primary Cardiologist to call and confirm if he agrees with the assessment to proceed with Beckett’s final surgery sooner than later. Whelp, we just got the call……
Apparently our primary Cardiologist believes we should still wait…..what a roller coaster of emotions. He has his reasons, but without going into too many details, one of the main reasons is that he wants Beckett a little bigger. He’s only about 4 pounds shy of what is desired, but this weight deficit is the simplest way to explain why we have to wait, but there are other specificities involved. All-n-all, Beckett still looks great, and the decision to wait had his best interest in mind.
It’s difficult because we weren’t prepared for the news to possibly reopen our son this soon, but then to spend the past 3 weeks (or so) convincing ourselves that this is a good thing and then being told “nope, never mind, we still need to wait” is emotionally taxing. We really do appreciate the care for our son and do not question their decisions for a second….I’m just being transparent that it was hard hearing news that sways our emotions so drastically. However, one-day-at-a-time. If they call and change their mind again, we’ll roll with it again. Whatever is best for Beckett….we will do! We still greatly appreciate the support and encouragement from you all. Unfortunately, we are not “out-of-the-woods” just yet, but we’re a day closer. My son is in his crib right now, sleeping…and he’s as charming and wonderful as it gets! We are truly blessed to have had another day with him, and believe there will be many many more!
We’ll be in touch, thanks again, and God bless!


One thought on “October 28, 2015

  1. Sharon Crigger-Stokan says:

    So sorry for the roller coaster ride of emotions you have been going through. I can identify on a different level with my experience years ago, but I do know how the roller coaster of emotions feels. No fun, but thankfully we have a God who rides that roller coaster with us. We have to rest in the path before us and His unfailing love. Keep loving on that precious son of yours – he is such a gift. One day at a time…Praying for you all!

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