October 19, 2016

UPDATE (10/19/16)
Whelp, if you saw the pic from earlier today, you learned that there is some serious talk about going home very soon. In fact, someone from our surgeon’s team came in and asked if we were interested in going home today. 😳 However, he then seemed to imply that he’d prefer waiting at least one more day, and to be honest, we were on the same page. You see, Beckett’s “numbers” need to be dialed in just a little more. He is trending in the right direction, but we would like from them to check his labs one more time tomorrow morning before we feel 100% comfortable taking him. With that said, we are fully confident the numbers will look great, in which we will then be homeward bound (yay!).
Today we played a lot. It was very fun. He was the most himself I’ve seen yet. We must have worn him out though because he slept for a very long time this afternoon. Once he woke, he showed off a little and walked down the hallway to the playroom. It was kinda funny, actually: when he was walking by a group of lady-nurses they kind of “applauded” him, which drew him to tears of embarrassment. It was cute though.
They just took off his steri strips (which were over his chest incision), so, there was some crying this evening…but all-n-all, he handled it quite well. Soooooo….I think we are going home tomorrow (that’s amazing!)! I can’t believe I’m even typing these words. Yet here we are. To think how far we’ve come, it’s even overwhelming from time-to-time.
Lastly, a friend of ours is graciously setting up a “Take Them A Meal” page (I’ll post the link soon). If you feel like encouraging us in that way, we certainly won’t turn it away. However, under no means do I want anyone to feel obligated to. Simple “Likes”, “Comments”, “Texts”, “Phone Calls” (a few of you have even sent packages) are very encouraging to us. We have felt very supported these past few weeks, and certainly the past few years. Thank you all for all your kind words, gifts, and certainly financial gifts (wow!)….we are tremendously grateful and inspired to pay-it-forward the best we can.


3 thoughts on “October 19, 2016

  1. Cindy says:

    Yeah God!!

  2. Sharon Crigger-Stokan says:

    Praising God with you! How awesome is this news. Looking forward to tomorrow’s post of ‘we’re home’! Blessings on your little guy and you both. Prayers continue…

  3. Jerriene Woodrow says:

    Our father in Heaven is so good. Yea, Beckett, you are a winner.

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