October 26, 2018

UPDATE (10/26/18)

Today was a much better day (praise the Lord). We are certainly not the doctors, but I would say we agree and like their plan of action. In essence they want to wean Beckett off his oxygen support and make sure we have proper pain control. Yes, in short they want to clear up the pneumonia. I think we still have another few days in here…but we are hoping to be home by Sunday.

My mom was able to visit today and bring our youngest son, Milo. It was great to see him again…and equally as great when Beckett and Milo seemed excited to see each other. Now, more than ever, Beckett wants to go home…so, we have to try and navigate those conversations carefully.

We’ll just keep this post short. But we are truly grateful for Beckett’s progress. We are also thankful for a lot of “little things.” For example:

– Though we had much better plans in store for this week (as this week is Beckett’s Fall Break), but it’s nice that he isn’t missing school.

– In the same vein, Leah’s mom works in the same school district, so she’s been able to be around and very helpful this week.

– My Mom happened to already be in town this week (for the other fun plans we had), but she has been wonderful in helping us out and watching Milo these past few days.

– When we arrived back at Riley in the ER, Beckett’s actual cardiologist was “on” that evening (there are probably about 20 here), so it was nice to have someone present who knew Beckett so well.

– Even our friend who has done so many of Beckett’s echos was the one who walked into the room to do his echo in the ER. It was just very comforting to see her.

….so many things to be thankful for. We definitely have had some forward progress and are just trying to be patient with the process.

And as always, thanks for the support. The messages, likes, comments, texts, calls…are all very encouraging and kind. People keep asking how they can help. This is a challenging question to answer, and to be honest we’ve hardly taken anyone up on their offers. This doesn’t mean we don’t want or need help, we just don’t like to inconvenience anyone. We’re working on it, and appreciate the offers. Please be patient with us as we navigate that. And thank you for the many offers, perhaps one will land at the right time for us. For now, thanks for all the prayers and kind words for Beckett. It certainly puts life in perspective when you genuinely feel like you were just a few hours away from possibly losing a child. Oh, and thank you to our colleagues and my students….you have been so kind, encouraging and generous. We really appreciate it.



2 thoughts on “October 26, 2018

  1. Sharon Crigger-Stokan says:

    Way to go Beckett! So thankful to hear that today was a much better day for him – and so for you all, too. Reading all of the ‘little things’ that God had orchestrated brought a smile.and tears. Continuing to pray for your sweet boy and your family!

  2. Bernadette Giacona says:

    Not speaking for our little Becket or your life but personally when my life is rough I can’t comment. Please know he is part of my spirit and I send prayers and energy healings. I can not imagine what your life is like. I am so thankful for ever positive turn for our little guy. May your spirits and all the angels continue to push hims forward for full recovery and great health. May they do the same for you. May God allow all this to happen swiftly to bring happiness as the new days dawn. Much love from my end and prayers too.

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