October 10, 2019


Dad & Beckett will officially have matching scars. Thankfully his surgery went well. It ended up being a quadruple bypass. His heart is in normal sinus rhythm, all vessels are open, all four heart walls have good circulation and the surgery “was complication free” (according to the surgeon). Now we just wait for him to wake up and be weaned off the ventilator. Then the true recovery process can begin. Thank you for all the encouraging messages and prayers.

2 thoughts on “October 10, 2019

  1. Patsy Bryant says:

    Oh, precious Rupp family!!! I heard the news yesterday and immediately lifted up your dear Dad and ALL of you in prayer! Soooo glad to hear the surgery went well! Thank you, Jesus!
    I am still blessed to see your Beckett man every Friday before school starts when he is on the bus at ENE. What a joy-filled little guy…inspiring to ALL of us!
    ~Patsy Bryant

  2. oceanwrite says:

    So glad for the good news. Praying for a speedy, set-backs free recovery.

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