January 13, 2020

Well this morning we find ourselves once again at Riley. Beckett did not have appendicitis, but rather a partial small bowel obstruction which is causing him a good deal of discomfort at times. Thankfully right now he is sleeping and we are praying that with bowel rest we can avoid more invasive interventions. His biggest concern, and what has upset him the most (in his words), “But I have to go to school”. Thanks for all the prayers and support. Hopefully we can get this boy back to school in no time!

2 thoughts on “January 13, 2020

  1. Sharon Crigger-Stokan says:

    Oh my… Prayed a lot for your little guy before going to bed last night… And he was my first thought. Am just seeing this. Definite prayers continuing. My oldest son had a bowl intussusception when he was 1 1/2, so I can empathize. Bless Beckett’s little heart – he is such a trooper, and has been through so much in his young life as have you as parents! So thankful that our Heavenly Father loves him and that he is in His hands! Thanks for the update n

  2. PATSY Ann Bryant says:

    Beckett Man! You are being lifted up in prayer for healing from your wonderful Heavenly Father, Who has carried you THIS far and is not ABOUT to LEAVE YOU! You will be back to school in no time at all…and we will continue our Friday morning bus stop meetings together!
    Loving you AND your precious family SO very much…
    ~Mrs. Patsy Bryant

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